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How Mitsou made my day!

Mitou on CBC Newworld
Mitou on CBC Newworld (Photo credit: Elijah)

If you have been following this blog you would know that I like hard rock music… a lot.  If you’ve been following me for a long time, you would also know that I like female artists too, especially Canadian ones, but in general I like female artists such as;  Shania Twain, Jewel, the AM’s (Amanda Marshall, Alanna Myles, and Alanis Morisette), Kelly Clarkson and Mitsou (now known as Mitsou Gelinas).

Mitsou, for those of you unfamiliar with her work, was a very popular singer from Quebec who had some monster hits in the late 1980’s with songs like Bye Bye Mon Cowboy, Dis-Moi Dis-Moi, Spooky, Les Chinois, and La Corrida.  Dis-Moi Dis-Moi was actually banned from Much Music not too long after Madonna’s Justify My Love was and the station had to create a live nightly show called Too Much for Much in order to show these videos and talk about them.  In Dis-Moi Dis-Moi there was a naked shower scene and I don’t recall ever seeing anything worth banning the video, but those were different times we lived in back in the late 80’s and it got Mitsou a lot of press.  Plus being really hot didn’t hurt her either.

Yes, Mitsou was hot.  She was risqué and she was one of the very few French Canadian artists – especially female ones, who made it throughout the country.  I have all her CD’s and yes, I follow her on twitter with the other almost 50,000 fans.  I’m not ashamed.  She’s doing a lot nowadays and you can find a lot through, her website.

So here is how she made my day today;

Friday night I was at our Temple’s Tot Shabbat service and we were sitting with the kids singing songs and having fun when my friend Eric @campusdiscs – who knows I like Mitsou – turns to me and says to me out of nowhere, “I have Bye Bye Mon Cowboy” tattooed on my left butt cheek.

So I took to Twitter;

@mitsougelinas my friend @campusdiscs said he has “bye bye mon cowboy” tattooed on his left butt cheek.  #DismoiDismoi

Then I got his wife’s account number and posted this;

@mitsougelinas @campusdiscs #DismoiDismoi his wife just confirmed it to be true.  C’est vrai!

(I took out here address here as I didn’t get her permission to post it, yet.)

Then about mid-day Saturday I got this;

@urbandaddyblog @campusdiscs. I will believe it when I see it!!

I think he’s got to get that tattoo now, or at least get out the marker and then we can make the left side of his butt popular(ish).

Thank you Mitsou for making my Saturday.

Eric, start inking… Marker, I’m thinking.

If case you have never heard of Mitsou, you can find her @mitsougelinas, and her are some links to her videos;  – Bye Bye Mon Cowboy – Dis Moi Dis Moi – Les Chinois – La Corrida – Deep Kiss (in English!)


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2 thoughts on “How Mitsou made my day!

    1. Mitsou has 50,000 followers on Twitter. Could they all be boys / men who saw her and listened to her from the 90’s? LOL.

      My almost 1100 put it all in perspective…


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