What I Learned on the Weekend: If you hold your breath long enough you pass out.

I learned something new on the weekend about my youngest child, my daughter Berry.

I learned that when she is upset (or hurt) that she holds her breath until she passes out.


But she didn’t just do it once this past weekend, she actually did it twice.

To say she had a rough weekend would be an understatement.

The first time she pulled this stunt she was already 30 minutes past her bed-time and was in the kitchen with me eating cheese strings as a before bed snack.  She was sitting at the little plastic table on the little plastic chair and I had to go to the washroom, so I asked her to stay sitting there, and eat and drink until I returned.  The boys were already upstairs in bed.

Did Berry listen?

If you said “no” out loud I’m giving you a funny look right now, but you would be correct.  She ran down the hall to see me than ran back into the family room, however from the bathroom, I heard a “THUMP” wich could only be the sound of a child smashing into a solid wood coffee table.

Then came the crying.

I screamed, Urban Mummy and the boys came flying down the stairs and with cheese strings in her mouth, Berry was holding her head, giving us the silent cry (I HATE the silent cry) until she passed out.

Worried she would choke on the food we sat her up and before I could smack her back out came the food and she awoke quite groggy.


Who knew.

I do know that it’s an urban legend that you have to wake someone every hour if you think they have a concussion.  That’s only needed for a brain hemmorage.  Pretty sure she didn’t have that.

Needless to say, I went into her room every hour that night to make sure she was still breathing.

The second incident happened when she was with me and she stubbed her foot on a toy.  The silent cry came, and while crying she held her breath and passed out in my arms.



One thought on “What I Learned on the Weekend: If you hold your breath long enough you pass out.

  1. mamasnotes May 7, 2012 / 1:47 pm

    Oh that is so scary! My daughter also does that hold her breath silent cry, once or twice she has started to turn blue, but never acutally passed out. I always hate those few seconds of crying with no sound, just watching her thinking please please take a breath!


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