OMG, Would the Liberals just give it a rest already! You’re toast. Accept it.

The Canadian political scene, or #cdnpoli on Twitter has been a buzz the past couple weeks around an apparent misleading recorded phone message sent out in “contentious” ridings this past Federal election.

The Liberals are crying foul because they feel someone purposely sent prerecorded messages to the electorate in tight ridings advising the residents that their polling station had changed, sometimes sending the voters 20km out of their way causing them to miss their opportunity to vote.

I say alleged because no one has an actual recording of this message and thus all allegations are based on hearsay.  Why would anyone lie to discredit the Conservatives???  Nawwww.

I’m pretty sure the Conservatives came forward and said a 23-year-old campaign staffer was responsible and that he has resigned but while the Liberals drum up much-needed press for the party, let’s not forget the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree.

I can remember a week before that federal election getting calls from Liberal MP Carolyn Bennett and MP Dr. Eric Hoskins both with recorded messages asking me if I wanted to take part in their “virtual town Hall”.  Here’s the kicker.  In both cases I hung up and in both cases when I picked the phone back up, the message was still playing.

Oh oh.

That’s illegal.  They cannot tie up my phone line with their propaganda spam.  The phone should disconnect the second I hang up, but it did not.  I wish I could find online the regulations from Bell Canada showing that organizations cannot tie up phone lines.  As well, in hindsight, I was mightily pissed off and wanted to complain and I recall Urban Mummy encouraging me to do just that, however, I chose not to.  If I knew the Liberals were going to use this Robocall item to stay relevant, I totally would have complained, gone to the press, or, wait, reported it myself on my blog. 

It’s not like this happened once or twice, either.  Since we moved, we had both ridings phone-spamming us and subsequently tieing up our phone lines after because heaven forbid someone would hang up in the middle of a recorded message by 2 politicians who I have never seen in either riding except at election time.  I don’t know where they get these photos for their campaign brochures… It’s surely not in the ridings.

But alas, I did not report it.

So Bob Rae, while you’re pressing for an inquiry, be careful what you wish for… This “scandal” will be swept under the carpet soon enough and yet another Liberal scandal wouldn’t look so good on the heels of your much-needed press, now would it?

Not that it would impact Toronto voters who blindly vote these guys in election after election.



This picture below is apparently of Carolyn Bennett, whom I have never seen in my riding in the almost 12 years I have lived here.  I could not find a picture of Dr. Eric Hoskins, and I didn’t want to post a picture of former NDP Premier of Ontario, bob Rae.  Shudder.

This is Carolyn Bennett, Liberal MP for St. Pa...


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