Thursday Thirteen – TV Time!

Thirteen TV shows that my wife will absolutely not watch;

The Weather Network
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1. The Weather Network – “If you want to see the weather, go outside”.

2. Reality TV – “It’s stupid because it’s not real, it’s scripted”.

3. Soap Opera’s – “They’re stupid too”.  

4. Sports

5. News – “Why watch it when you can live it”.

6. Scary TV – like those shows where there are dead people eating other dead people and it looks like a poorly dressed zombie eating a very rare piece of meat.

7. Music videos – no Much Music, no MTV, no music TV stations.

8. Food network – “I’d rather cook than watch someone else cook”.

9. Parades – She wouldn’t get caught dead watching those…

10. Wrestling – “No comment, but wrestling is stupid”.

11. Award Shows – No Grammies, no Oscars, no Golden Globes… No red carpets, nothing.   

12. Anything we have to pay for (aside from actual cable) like PPV – “We pay enough for TV without having to pay more for shows”.

13. The SyFy channel – Not surprising since this girl has only seen one Star Wars movie – GASP.  I know!

So if I want to watch any of these I’m watching them alone.

What stations are you addicted to and which would you remove from your TV if you could?


One thought on “Thursday Thirteen – TV Time!

  1. Joanne February 11, 2012 / 4:46 pm

    Sounds like your wife lives life instead of watching others live life. My kind of girl!!!


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