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Help is on the Way…

I mentioned on Twitter (@urbandaddyblog) about the treadmill that we ordered from Sears and that was dropped inside my front door for me to move downstairs.  Well, I cannot lift a 130lb treadmill by myself so I reached out to my buddy Eric of Campus Discs and he helped me get it downstairs in seconds and he even took the heavy end!

So I made him some coffee – Starbucks VIA Columbia – and gave him cookies but I still don’t think that compensates for the shlepping that beast down to the basement with me, so I want to give his business some props.

Eric owns a company called Campus Discs.  If you check out his Facebook page, which I linked to above, you’ll see that Eric, or one of his fine, trusted employees travels the globe (or Southern Ontario) to sell used CD’s, DVD’s, Blue Rays and new vinyl records to students at various establishments of higher (left-leaning) learning.

In case you were wondering what the kids these days are buying, box sets are very popular; The Sopranos, Soap, 2 and a 1/2 men, anything WWE, as are classic movies and a bit of everything on the music side.

I asked Eric if he takes requests on his Facebook page and he said he used to but a lot of people want the most popular stuff and quite frankly everybody and their uncle sells that stuff, so he continues to bring the goods and kids spend all their hard-earned OSAP and meal plan monies on his musical treats.

So if you happen to see this and are at one of these locations, go buy something… Wait… Lots of stuff to compensate Eric for having to shlep my treadmill with me for just cookies. 

I will say that the History of the Intercontinental Championship is an amazing 3 DVD box set that I got for Eric and it’s AWESOME!

You can also follow him on twitter @campusdiscs.

Thanks Eric!  I went for a 30 minute walk tonight!  Couldn’t have done that without you. Oh, and Sears Canada, if I had ordered a fridge, or a bed, would you have left it in the middle of my front hall too?  I get it that the 5pm-9pm delivery timeslot became almost 10pm and the guys were exhausted and one guy holding his shoulder, but they could have hung out for an extra 5-10 minutes while I unpackaged it – helped me get it downstairs and took all the packaging.  So not cool!


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One thought on “Help is on the Way…

  1. Being that we recently furnished an entire house, I can testify that some furniture places are AMAZING. They come in, care for your walls and your floors and the furniture, set it up, move it when you don’t like how it looks AND take away all the garbage! There are others however who try to drop it at the front door and run as quick as possible, or who will set it up, all while grumbling but still refuse to take the garbage! We had one delivery of furniture which we purchased for our bedroom that they tried to refuse to take upstairs, we literally had to fight with them, in the end they reluctantly took it upstairs. Yet all of them felt entitled to a drink for their work! Granted we didn’t order from any of the big box stores like Sears, Brick etc so I can’t speak to what their general delivery service is like.


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