Crazy stuff at the Urban Daddy household.

I’m tired.

Very tired.

Too tired to blog, too tired to play CityVille and I’m falling asleep at 9pm usually when I sit down to turn on my computer.  I’m not used to being this tired, then again, I am 40 now, maybe my body is finally acting it’s age and going to be at 1 or 2am and getting up at 6am is wearing me out.  It has been a regular pattern for me for the past 7 years.

Nonetheless, I’ve got a lot of stuff sitting in my draft folder which I’m plopping into this one post and making it a shorter, more random one.  Enjoy.

My kids recognize “We Are the Champions” by Queen and Stewie turned up the music in our kitchen when it was on.  At that time, I was making an omelet with green onions, mushrooms, marble cheese and a touch of white wine when I felt the need to “educate” my kids, so I stopped cooking, and proceeded to hold the mushrooms up over my head and sang “We are the Champignons”.  Confused but intrigued, Linus came over to learn that Champignon, in French, means mushroom.

The next song on the radio happened to be “Hey Jude” by the Beatles.  My wife is a HUGE Beatles fan so of course I had to be a shit and I tried to convince her that the Beatles were anti-Semitic because “Jude” is “Jew” in German and when they sing, “Hey Jude… Don’t let me down” it’s really the band calling out our religion.  Smart girl, however, she’s known me for almost 12 years and completely dismissed my rantings as those of an insane father who just fed 3 incredibly overtired and cranky children while she played Cityville.

As the day progressed, the boys and I did a deep cleaning of the basement and for being so well-behaved, I thought it was the perfect time to teach the boys how to play chess.  So out came the glass chessboard with glass pieces that I was given and we all sat down so I could explain the rules.

They picked up the game very quickly and both really enjoyed it.  To show how much they play together and how well they play together, it took 7 turned each before a piece left the board.  They were very meticulous and strategize the game quite well.  Since that day they’ve played numerous times. 

Not only have the kids brains turned on to chess, but for some strange reason they have decided they want to play soccer in the basement, so for an hour a day, we’ve been playing soccer.  They play together, they play with Berry, we all played as a family, we played with our nanny and some nannies from the neighbourhood… It’s a soccer-fest each and every day and while I’m way too tired to exercise, I’m getting such a workout at home that I have muscles in my legs and knees aching which I didn’t know I had and I’ve played ball-hockey for 20 years!

Also changing since January 1st is Berry, who turned 2-years-old at the end of November has suddenly become a big girl and is well on her way to being potty trained.  This past weekend, for example, we’ve had no accidents and she’s even gone to nap in the afternoon and awaken dry. 

It’s time to call Comfy Cotton diaper service and have them hold off on the cloth diapers, I think.  She’s been able to hold it when she has to and she can identify when she has to pee and notify us in enough time so that her pants are not wet by the time she finishes her notification.

Reminds me of Linus.  He was out of diapers at 2 years and 3 months old because he really wanted red little boy boxer shorts and I think in that full year before we completely took him out of night diapers (even though he was dry through out the night for over 6 of those months – 1st kid, eh?) he had 4 accidents total.

Berry, loves her Hello Kitty panties that we buy from H&M.  I think it’s what got her out of diapers.  Finding their currency is the key!

While I’m typing this, Berry is singing the ABC’s to me in Tagalog.  At least that’s what my wife says.  It’s so cute even if I have no idea what she’s saying.

So now Berry can count to 10 in English, Tagalog and Spanish.  She is working on Hebrew and French.  She can do ABC’s in Tagalog and English.



2 thoughts on “Crazy stuff at the Urban Daddy household.

  1. Becky January 24, 2012 / 6:23 am

    Life is good in Canada. 🙂


  2. Carl Epstein January 18, 2012 / 8:40 am

    Teach Berry how to dial her grandma…. I am sure gram will get a kick out of that…..


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