What crap are they showing on TV nowadays and why am I watching it?

So I found a show on TV called, “Geeklove” and I managed to catch about 10 minutes of it while waiting for the cupcakes I was making for Linus’ birthday party on Wednesday to cook, and I found that while I was weirded out by the premise of the show, I was also strangely attracted to it. 

The piece I saw centred around a geeky guy, a geeky girl and their love for typical “geeky” things like Star Wars and comic book superheroes and the show is all about finding love and finding someone who could appreciate and talk about these two things.  As I was watching I kept wondering what that made me since I grew up loving Star Wars and those super heroes.  Does that make me a geek?  Yeah, probably. 

English: Opening logo to the Star Wars films
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The piece I watched had a 22-year-old woman meeting up with a 29-year-old guy at Comic Con and she was dressed as Batman’s side-kick Robin, she had her mother with her.  I guess she needed the chaperone in case the guy she met… At the Comic convention no less, was weird.

So as this clip played out, the guy liked the girl and the girl liked the guy and they’re both geeks and it took the mother to ask those exact questions and set up the next date.  It was awkward and, well, geeky.

The next clip had a guy and a girl meeting up in a restaurant and it was her first date too.  She was 22-years-old as well, and she was really nervous but after finding her geek-charming both him and her found that there are others like them and it was okay to set up a second date.  They were safe with each other. 

I turned it off when the guy geek told the camera that he liked his date and “felt a disturbance in the force”.  Yikes.  Let’s hope he wasn’t making a reference to something happening in his pants.

I then turned to Jersey Shore… Why?  Oh, yeah.  T&A.  100% T&A.

I guess the only type of “reality” shows I like to watch are called “sports”.  If I wanted to  watch what I suspected was a true reality show, I’d watch something on the Food Network, or that show called Survivorman, but nothing else.  To me, these other “reality” shows are about as real as wrestling, which I really enjoy as it satisfies my soap opera fetish.

What “reality” shows can you not get enough of and if you had the opportunity to be on any of them, which one(s) would it be?


2 thoughts on “What crap are they showing on TV nowadays and why am I watching it?

  1. Urban Daddy December 28, 2011 / 1:55 am

    Okay, I’ve watched the cupcake girls before. One episode about a potential theft and making a girl clean the toilets. I thought the show was… Interesting. I must admit that I do like “What Not To Wear”. That’s a guilty pleasure too, however I cannot sit through a real housewife of anything. Storage wars, like that Pawn shop show are a good once in a while view when nothing else is on. But the Food network still rocks for me.


  2. Charmedone17 December 20, 2011 / 1:14 pm

    I watch a lot of Food Network shows, The Cupcake girls on W channel, Storage Wars, What not to Wear, and my #1 guilty pleasure is The Real Housewives Series any city 😉


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