Thursday Thirteen – Thirteen Iconic Canadian Bands according to Supernova CEO Elliott Hurst and me!


I am a born and raised Torontonian and as a result, I grew up listening to AM and FM radio which under Canadian regulations were required to play a percentage of Canadian music.  Due to that ruling which I believe is still in place, I became fond of Canadian acts such as; Platinum Blonde, Glass Tiger, Gowan, Mitsou, Triumph, the Box, TPOH, and the list goes on.

When discussing music around my office, with so few people as, ahem, aged as I am, and so many 1st and second generation immigrants, they have no idea who Canadian bands are, so I thought about creating a list – checking it twice with the help of Supernova CEO Elliott Hurst, and sharing some Canadiana with my readers.

If you are Canadian, you should recognize at least half of this list regardless of what kind of music you listen to.

If you are a non-resident of Canada, you should recognize 3 bands on this list.

Can you guess which ones?

So here are the 13 most iconic Canadian bands, and some honourable mentions.  For each band I have attached a YouTube link to probably their most memorable song and the name of that song;

1. Rush – – Tom Sawyer

2. The Tragically Hip – – Ahead By A Century

3. Guess Who – – American Woman

4. Arcade Fire – – Rebellion (Lies)

5. BTO (Bachman Turner Overdrive) – – Takin’ Care of Business

6. The Band – – Don’t Do It.

7. Max Webster / Kim Mitchell -> Max Webster’s Paradise Skies.  Kim Mitchell’s Go For Sode –>

8. April Wine – – Could Have Been a Lady

9. Triumph – – Follow Your Heart (LOVE this song!!!)

10. Steppenwolf – – Born to be Wild. 

11. Barenaked Ladies – – 7, 8, 9.

12. Blue Rodeo – – Try

13. Our Lady Peace – – Starseed


Honourable Mentions:

Chilliwack –

Trooper  – 

Billy Talent –

Saga –

I Mother Earth – One More Astronaut –

Sloan –

Honeymoon Suite –

Glass Tiger –

The Pursuit of Happiness –

My personal favourite band – Platinum Blonde –

The Headstones.-

Tom Cochrane and Red Rider –

Great Big Sea –

Nickelback –

So, what do you think?  Have you listened to any of these songs?  Did you recognize the bands?  Who makes your list?


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