Happy 2nd Birthday to the cutest little girl in the world

Today, I want to wish my daughter, Berry, a very happy 2nd birthday.

Only 2, eh?  You seem so much older with that crazy vocabulary you have had for the past 6 months.  You’ve called me a “dumb dumb”, a “dumbass”, you have asked for things “right NOW”, and you call berries “bey beys”.  Straw-bey-bey’s, rasp-bey-bey’s… He he.

I love the way you say “Oh, my goodness” like you are imitating me in that deep, raspy hockey announcers voice. 

When you’re older I will tell you how we planned on having you at home, but had you in the hospital instead and how we had your grandparents go get your brothers for the birth.  After they arrived, while they were eating cookies and popsicles (after 10:30pm), you were born and Stewie looked at me and said, “Is that it?  Can I go home to sleep now?”… Ahhh Stewie. 

Because of you, we’re done having kids, and where on earth did you get that crazy curly hair?!?  Seriously!

You are quite a party in a package, like Stewie, but you’re a little goofy like Linus. 

You love Hello Kitty (or Hi Kitty, as you call her), and you know the names of all your dolls.  Hmmm. 

You look like your mummy did at that age, and really, after seeing a picture of mummy you thought it was you.  Thankfully, you and the boys all get your looks from your mother! 

Well, now you are two, people will actually believe us when we say that, as opposed to when you were one and people didn’t believe such a friendly, talkative little girl with so much hair could be one year old. 

Happy birthday sweet heart.



2 thoughts on “Happy 2nd Birthday to the cutest little girl in the world

  1. fashion bracelets December 4, 2011 / 7:40 pm

    Aww Happy Birthday!!


  2. Rachel November 28, 2011 / 2:10 am

    And you forgot about the Lay-dee-bug bit. 😀


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