Look! We made some “Hi Kitty” Cupcakes…

Tomorrow is my daughter’s 2nd birthday party.  Her actual birthday is Sunday. 

When prompted for what she wanted for her birthday, she replied; “Hi Kitty Cupcakes”.

“Hi Kitty” for those of you who have not heard me tell this story a thousand times, is “Hello Kitty”

So last night I made 96 cupcakes and tonight my wife and I set out to decorate them.  Please welcome the Hello Kitty army!

So now we’ve added some decorations, cut some veggies, got fruit, and we’re ready to go.  Tomorrow morning I’ll get bagels for the tuna, egg and cream cheeses, and my wife will make mini pizza’s.  The puppet show is exactly the other thing she wants for her birthday. 

All in all, there should be just under 20 – 2-year-old’s here tomorrow and at least 30 parents.  Can’t wait!



3 thoughts on “Look! We made some “Hi Kitty” Cupcakes…

  1. Urban Daddy November 28, 2011 / 1:37 am

    Lilabell – Thank you. It was actually a lot of fun. What you cannot see is that 48 of these cupcakes (I made 96 of them) are actually marble, and I swirled the chocolate so it would look pretty, not rushed and then we just covered them in icing anyways. LOL. Since these are the mini cupcakes, its not like anyone could take a bite and look at it either… Oh well.

    Thanks for dropping by. I came by your blog and left a comment on a very funny post about an award you received and about swearing being under-appreciated.

    Carl – We did. Welcome home.


  2. Carl A. Epstein November 26, 2011 / 9:03 am

    Can you save a cupcake for “Berry’s” Grandparents that are presently in New York celebrating Thanksgiving. Wish we were there…….


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