Daddy Dumb Dumb, Indeed…

Actual conversation between myself and my almost 2-year-old daughter Saturday night just before bed-time when my kids have snack.

My daughter, Berry, is sitting at her little plastic table with a bowl of granny smith apple slices, when I turned to see what her brother was eating. When I turned back, she was no longer sitting at the table, but was standing in the family room, heading towards the hall.

Me: “Berry, what are you doing there?” I yelled.
Berry: “I’m done dumb dumb”
Me: “You’re finished??”
Her: “Yes”.
Me: “Are you ready for bed?”
Her: “No bed dumb dumb.”
Me: “Then please go sit down and finish your snack”.
Her – now back at the table and showing me the bowl – “Berry finish snack dumb dumb, no bed.”
Me: “Please finish your snack… AND MY NAME IS DADDY!”

Then I look to the big table and there is 5-year-old Stewie with a smirk on his face.

I have a feeling I know who told her to call me “dumb dumb”…


One thought on “Daddy Dumb Dumb, Indeed…

  1. Carl A. Epstein November 23, 2011 / 9:37 am

    And Daddy “Said”


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