Urban Daddy Recommends: Good places to eat on Eglinton Avenue in between Bathurst Street and Allen Road.

Having now lived in our new area for just over a year we have now had some time to get out, with and without children, to try some local restaurants. I think the whole Groupon phenomenon has helped with that, as it gives us incentive to try places in and around our area (or not) and help us find great places to eat with and without children.

As for our area… I could mention what this strip needs – like a sit down dessert place, or an evening destination with or without kids, but what I really want to share is my thoughts on what are the best choices on this strip for food that is fresh, friendly, tasty and priced reasonably, and where the location is clean and the owners appreciative of your business.

Here are my top four places right now;

1) Tokyo Sushi. The family that owns this place is REALLY nice, the food is REALLY fresh and the prices are very reasonable. We’ve eaten in and taken or, and now matter what you want or if there are changes to be made, they are happy to accommodate. My friend started eating there regularly with his family and when I went in a month later they thanked me for introducing my friend to them.
I like the fresh, delicious food and it makes me feel good going in there and spending money.

2) Big Bite Burger. Again, the owner is VERY friendly and the food is very fresh. I do, however, have a really hard time figuring out why it’s not packed every night. The burgers and fries are extremely well priced, the portions are large and all day breakfast… Who doesn’t love an all day breakfast! This place reminds me of John Anderson’s which was our neighbourhood burger joint which had great homemade burgers, plenty of fries and salad. The food was great there and we ate there quite often growing up. Fast forward and now there is a restaurant that needs our support. There are foot long hot dogs, chicken burgers, pancakes, grilled cheese, french toast, regular fries, curly fries, sweet potato fries, regular burgers, chili… OY. For children, this is the perfect place to go for a healthier food option without breaking the bank.

I took the 3 kids and our nanny there for dinner the other week and we ate and ate and ate until we couldn’t eat anymore. When the bill came, I thought he missed something, but he didn’t.

3) Indus Tavern – Simply some of the best Indian food we have tasted in quite a while. Everything is homemade, the flavours are strong, but not overpowering and the spices are traditional but also not that spicy (unless you want it to be). It has been a long time since I have eaten food this tasty and when we order food for delivery, we look forward to its arrival.
4) Piazzetta Trattoria 2 – We checked this place out because there was a deal – either Groupon, or something of the sort, and I’m glad my wife bought it because the food here is fantastic. I ordered the grilled calamari because quite frankly, a top-notch Italian restaurant should be able to make a top notch piece of calamari so that it is not rubbery, yet not over grilled. I think about Parmigiano on Yonge Street just north of Lawrence Avenue as being one of the absolute best Italian restaurants in Toronto. Their grilled calamari is out of this world… Well, let me tell you… The grilled calamari at Piazzetta was incredible. Each bite was full of flavour and the calamari melted in my mouth. Not a chewy bite was found, and the plate was adorned with olives and made for a very pleasing plate. I was done after eating that appetizer. My entrée was a baked penne pasta with what I thought the menu said contained ossobuco juice but was pleasantly surprised to see actual chunks of lamb in it.

The portion was so big I could not finish it, and with each bite of the appetizer and actual meal I’m pretty sure there were lots of “Mmmmmmm’s” and “yummmmmms”. My wife ordered the warm mushroom salad which she said was nice save the packaged spinach the mushrooms were on, and she had them make pasta for her which she thoroughly enjoyed. I will for sure come back here and the waitress said Sundays are very busy and there are lots of kids present and welcomed. Sounds great.

So please, come out and support these places so they can continue to make a living and stay open for a very long time.


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