Some Urban Daddy Reminders – By the Numbers

Every now and then I like to perform a pulse check on my blogging. I guess this is it.


Please remember that on the right side of my blog I have my twitter feed.  You can follow my tweets here or follow me directly @urbandaddyblog on Twitter.

Below my Twitter feed you will find my Blogroll which includes Daddy bloggers, local Toronto bloggers, and some wonderful political blogs.  Go, click through and read them.  Some very talented writers are waiting for you to come by and read their stuff. In addition, if there are some blogs you know about that you think are fantastic too, please post about them and I will always check them out and if they are fantastic I will add them to my blogroll.


I just posted my 752nd blog post on this blog last night.

I’m approaching my 100th post on my professional tax / management blog;

I’m finally past my 900th follower on Twitter and I’m heading for 1000.

I am also nearing my 3500th tweet.

On Facebook, I am heading towards my 200th “like”.  You can find the link to that on the right side of my blog too.

My October destroyed any other month in the way of traffic to my site.  Actually, October had more hits than August and September combined and those months were my best months ever. Thank you.  

I am also approaching my 1500th comment.

Lots of milestones coming in the next few days, weeks and months and I thank you for being a huge part.

I also just passed my 30,000th unique hit on this blog which has been in existance for about 4 years as a public blog, and spend the previous 4 years hidden. When I made it public I moved it from Blogger onto WordPress and in doing so, all the posts moved over, however the hits did not. I’m okay with 30,000. Actually, to be honest, I think 30,000 is incredible considering a lot of the crap I have written over the years.


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