An Urban Daddy’s Tip on Dealing with Halloween Candy

For those of you relatively new to my blog you may have missed my older posts about Halloween.  So you don’t have to go back and look them up, I have provided the Coles Notes version;

I hate Halloween.

I hate dressing up.

I hate knocking of strangers’ doors asking for candy. The begging aspect turns me off, but hey, kids these days love it!

Just last week I told an 18-year-old that they should not go trick or treating.

I also stepped in when my kids asked our 32-year-old nanny if she was trick or treating (she’s really petit and looks about 12, poor girl). Apparently being a devout Christian they don’t accept holidays surrounding the dead, the devil and the like. Who knew?!?

Anyways… Back on topic.

Candy! Chocolate! Gum! Sweets! Cavities! All things kids will get tonight unless we as parents step in and take all their candy from them.  How you ask?  Well when Linus was 2-years-old, my wife came up with an amazing suggestion. She asked Linus if he wanted to trade all his candy for a new toy. Turns out if you start the tradition early (assuming your kids, like our kids do not eat sugary treats everyday) they jump at this offer and boy did Linus jump at our offer big time.

So for the past 4 years we have been trading the kids candy for toys and just this past weekend we bought the boys’ BeyBlades which they will get tonight upon returning from their trick or treating.

Now, before you start commenting on how horrible we are for taking the kids candy and eating it and yes, if I eat another piece of candy I’ll burst, keep this in mind. First we get the kids to dump their candy on the table and I take out the yucky stuff they are not allowed like gum, and apples with razor blades in them. Then we ask the kids to pick 5 pieces of candy (not including the stuff they inhale during the evening) and they put that aside. Then we take the yucky stuff neither my wife nor I will eat and we immediately give that stuff away to the hoards of trick or treaters that come to our house.

Then we eat the rest of the candy (or I give it out to my staff, I can’t remember).  I’m pretty sure my wife will steal all the good stuff she likes; Reese Peanut Butter Cups, Twix and (ugh) Coffee Crisp and while saving me from getting fatter, she will wisely hide them.

I will take whatever is left and set it out of harms way from the kids.

So now the kids have only a few treats and a brand new toy.


Now all I will need is their help as we take any of the remaining pumpkins on our front steps (we had 20 of them ranging from large to very small) and cook with them.  I like making stuff with the pumpkins – bread, soup, loaf, cookies. but never a pie.

I wanted to make something to take to the homeless but based on my pumpkin failures, I don’t want to force anyone to eat one of my “creations”.


Happy Halloween.




3 thoughts on “An Urban Daddy’s Tip on Dealing with Halloween Candy

  1. Mamasnotes November 2, 2011 / 9:12 am

    Not a bad idea, My kids are excited to eat the candy the evening of halloween when they first get home and the next morning only. By today they didn’t even ask for any candy at all. Though the sugar high they were on yesterday after being allowed to eat only 3 pieces each was enough to make me never want to see Halloween come again.


  2. Rachel November 1, 2011 / 1:18 am

    One thing I learned this year is that Halloween is a (n ancient) Christian holiday. Heard it from an expert they found on the news.

    Also – pumpkins bred to be jack o’lanterns are not good for cooking. You need to bake/cook with the ‘pie’ pumpkins. The bigger ones have too much water in them to be good. Maybe that’ll help your creations. 😀


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