2011 Boston Red Sox – Best Team EVER!!!

It all started right here; http://www.massholesports.com/2011/03/boston-herald-declares-2011-red-sox.html

The Boston Herald proclaimed prior to the 2011 Major League Baseball season that the Boston Red Sox, 2011 edition, were the best team ever!

Such lofty praise.

After 6 games in the season, they stood at a wonderful 0-6. Headlines like this; “Boston Red Sox Start Season 0-6 for First Time Since 1945 after 1-0 loss to Cleveland.” were more common that the later one.


At that time, they and the Tampa Bay Rays (nee Devil Rays) were both 0-6 and we know what happened to the Rays, making up all that ground in the last couple weeks of the season combined with a colossal Red Sox collapse to see the Rays take the wild-card spot.

Since that time, the GM, Theo Epstein fired manager Terry Francona, then a few days ago, Epstein himself stepped down to take the GM job with the Chicago Cubs. Such drama!!! Why fire the manager if you’re leaving unless you intend on hiring him when you’re in Chicago officially.

Boy does all this sting even more when it came out that starting pitchers Josh Beckett, John Lackey and Jon Lester, who joined by Clay Buchholz later on, drank beer in the clubhouse, ate fried chicken, and played video games during games on their off-days.

This routine allegedly began late in the 2010 season as the team faded from contention and continued through all of 2011.  Could this lack of support of teammates be any worse?  Of course.  Apparently, these pitchers scaled back their workout routines despite appeals from team physicians and trainers.  Is it not wrong that a guy making $75,000 a year is on a pitcher making $10 million per year to get off his ass, do his exercise and stay fit and healthy. 

As a result, the three gained weight and body fat, and were terrible in September when the Red Sox needed them most, going 2-7 with a 6.45 ERA. Not surprisingly, the Red Sox lost 11 of their last 15 starts.

I’m not surprised at all about Josh Beckett as I remember he pulled this crap when he played for, and won a World Series with, the Florida Marlins back in 2003. I recalled that then manager, Jack McKeon, whom I really liked, saying that Beckett and former Red Sox pitcher Brad Penny would drink in between innings and even in games they started… Yikes. I think the solution McKeon used is the same one that Francona should have used, in hindsight, when he locked the clubhouse during games and when the players had to go to the bathroom, they would be given a bathroom passes.

Can we make matters worse? Sure, Big Papi, David Ortiz who is a free agent after the World Series stated that he wants to play for the New York Yankees in order to get away from the “drama”.

Drama?!? Maybe Big Papi forgot July 30, 2009 when the New York Times reported that he and then-teammate Manny Ramirez were among a group of roughly 100 major league baseball players to test positive for performance-enhancing drugs during 2003 testing. If I remember correctly, just before this in an interview, Ortiz stated that players who tested positive for steroids should be suspended for an entire season. So what did Ortiz do? He held a press conference before a game at Yankee Stadium, no less, and denied ever buying or using steroids. He said he tested positive because of “vitamins and supplements”. Are steroids considered a supplement?

Oddly he was unable to come up with a list of vitamins or supplements that he was taking. Yikes again. Now with this list seized by the government, he is barred from talking about it at all.

Then comes out an “internal source” claiming that the manager, Francona was suffering from constant abuse of prescription medication and is in the process of marital breakdown which also was a distraction.

Best team ever???

Great curse, Boston Herald… Great curse.


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