It must be Sunday… I can’t wait for work to get everything done!

Whew.  I made it to Sunday night.  That’s a big deal considering what this week held for me and what next week has in store.

Before I begin, however, can I ask that someone… Anyone… Remind me via the comment section to this blog, or through my urban daddy Facebook page, or @urbandaddyblog on Twitter about this comment should I mention it ever again in the future.  Thanks.

Here is the comment:  I think my daughter, Berry, may be a little OCD.  Why?  Because I asked her to help clean up in the kitchen earlier today and I caught her laying on her tummy on the floor.  I thought she was playing, or looking under the table, but no, she brought over to me a poppy seed.  Yup.  A poppy seed from a bagel. 

She had me remove it from in between her fingers as she said, “clean up.  Dirty”.

At first I thought it was humourous, until she brought me another, then I stopped her when she went for more.


So I never made it to the CIBC Run for the Cure since I finally succumbed to the horrible flu that felled my entire family over the past few weeks.  The highlight of the weekend for me had to be falling asleep while playing with my daughter for an hour when my wife had the boys out at the Science Centre.  She merrily played on.

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True to my word, I took the Country Style challenge, day one, and I picked up a large 2 cream, 2 sugar (not to be confused with the Tim Horton’s large double double) and considering it was 5pm and I expected the coffee to be bitter, I found it to be okay.  I went to the location at Dufferin, just north of Roselawn – a drive through and got a not so white, very sweet cup of coffee which seemed to get better as it cooled.  I can’t help but think that these guys would be better off settling on 2nd fiddle after Tim Horton’s – possibly through offering a better food option, but there is no way these guys compare to Starbucks.  IMHO.

I also was leery about having the coffee there so late since I know Timmy’s has that 20 minute fresh pot policy, and I’m sure CS does not.  For all I knew that pot could have been simmering for an hour.


Another memorable moment from this past weekend was Stewie singing the entire Dora the Explorer theme song to Berry.  He knew every word and was on key.  Sure he hates that show… LOL.  At least I prefer this behaviour than his frequent attempts to get Berry to play with him, or follow him. 

This is a common occurence between him and her;

Him: Berry!  Come play with me.

Her: NO!

Him: Yes.  Come play.

Her: NO play, Stewie.

Him: Want ice cream?

Her: Yes!!!  Want ice cream, please.

So she follows him.


Now remove “ice cream” and replace with key Berry-favoured words like “Dora” and “Chocolate”.

This explains why she woke up last weekend from afternoon nap shouting, “Berry want ice cream, please”.



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