For Liberal Health Minister Deb Matthews: An IVF True and False.

Just 3 days away from the Ontario Provincial Election, the leaders – Dalton McGuinty, Tim Hudak and Andrea Horwath are hoping to get to election day without getting scathed.  I’m still waiting to hear from any of the leaders on this issue. 

The other night, Timmy Hudak was on LeDrew Live on CP24 and I tried tweeting in my question on IVF, but it was not asked, and I have not heard back from any of the candidates that I have emailed or asked in person.  It’s odd.  The Liberals commit then don’t follow through, and the other parties don’t commit to anything that is not on their agenda. 

So I thought I would help Liberal Health Minister Deb Matthews – still considering funding IVF a mere 5 years after it was mentioned in their election literature – by posting a true and false article on IVF. 

So here we go!  I have spent hours and hours scouring the net looking for facts about IVF and trying to determine if they are true and false.  Man, that was a tough challenge.  Some sites pro-IVF had very different opinions and facts than the anti-IVF ones.

I believe, however, that I have enough information to present my true and false list for IVF.  The purpose?   Glad you asked.  To get a better idea around the procedure in order to present all the facts to those who may be interested and to the political parties (read: Liberal Party of Ontario).  I’m not a doctor, so please do not go and make any drastic decisions based on this post, but try to understand how any couple thinking of IVF is getting their information.  First from Google, then from an IVF clinic or their doctor.  Imagine after years of infertility landing upon a site that is anti-IVF and feeling terrible for wanting to have a family. 

Here they are in no particular order;

Question 1.  In order to avoid the need for IVF, men just need to hold on to those sperm for a while and those guys will be the ones to fertilize the egg? 

Answer 1.  I believe this answer to be false.  My reading tells me that holding the sperm provides the opposite effect, and to have your best chance, you have to keep them fresh. 

Question 2.  I came across this question a lot in reading up on IVF material.  Isn’t IVF only needed for old people who should have started conceiving earlier in life?

Answer 2.  Not at all.  We’re not all lucky enough to meet our sweethearts in high-school and get knocked up right away, so what those people need to know is that age does have an impact, however, some couples just have fertility issues in their 20’s, some in their 30’s and some in their 40’s.  

Question 3.  If I lead a healthy lifestyle, then age-related infertility won’t be an issue for me, right?

Answer 3.  False.  A healthy lifestyle can help avoid any infertility that is preventable, however it will obviously not stop the aging process. 

Question 4.  When IVF is needed it’s mostly because of the woman, and rarely because the man has issues, right?

Answer 4.  False.  Men also lose fertility as they age, and while i women, the drop is more dramatic and starts earlier, fertility in men does decline with age. 

Question 5.  So I’m eating healthy, not smoking, but getting up there in age.  I can still overcome age-related fertility with fertility drugs, right?

Answer 5.  False.  Fertility drugs help many couples overcome infertility, but age-related infertility does not usually respond as well to these treatments.

Question 6.  Maybe I really do not need IVF because the only reason we’re not able to conceive is because we’re both stressed.  Does stress cause infertility. 

Answer 6.  False.  My research has told me that while stress may slightly decrease your chances of getting pregnant in any given month, infertility has been shown to cause stress.

Question 7.  I don’t see the point of Ontario funding IVF like they do in Quebec when all couples need to do is try harder and they will eventually get pregnant, right?

Answer 7.  False again.  A large percentage of infertile couples can get pregnant with help but not every infertile couple will.

Question 8.  Does smoking really have an impact on my ability to have kids?

Answer 8.   Yes it does, so quit.

Question 9.  Can a healthy diet help us get pregnant?  Then I won’t need to spend money on IVF when I can just spend money on a good diet?

Answer 9.  True. An increasing number of studies confirm that lifestyle may have a significant effect on the probability of pregnancy. Couples undergoing IVF treatment with a relatively unhealthy lifestyle are less likely to succeed; they can improve their prognosis by adopting certain changes in their lifestyle, such as quit smoking, lose weight, even for a period of just one or two months before their treatment!

Question 10.  Isn’t IVF akin to playing G-d?

A:  (IVF) is the joining of a woman’s egg and a man’s sperm in a laboratory dish. In vitro means “outside the body.” Fertilization means the sperm has attached to and entered the egg.  Nothing like that mentioned in the bible.

Question 11:  Did the Liberals use the following wording to get elected in 2007; “

  • Help people have families by making fertility monitoring available earlier in life, so people know whether or not they are likely to have a problem having children and make treatment and adoption more accessible and affordable for people.”

Would “Make treatment” and “affordable” fit the bill for IVF?

Answer 10. True.   Yes they did.

Question 11.  True or false.  The Liberal party has been reviewing the funding of idea of funding IVF in Ontario for 5 years.

Answer 11.  True

Question 12.  The Province of Quebec saved $30 million dollars (give or take a dollar) in their first year alone of funding IVF?

Answer 12.  True.  And they continue to save.

So how did you do?

Remember, you still have time to ask your MPP, or those running in your riding as they get in their last-minute phone calls and door visits to see where they stand about this issue.  It’s not too late.

And remember when you vote that the National Post ran a story on October 2nd, that the Ontario Liberal Party had a study conducted which they have had the result of for 2 years which states that if the Liberals funded IVF they could have minimum $600 million dollars over 10 years… That’s the truth.  Your ruling government, folks.

If you want more information, please go to A wealth of information can be found here!


3 thoughts on “For Liberal Health Minister Deb Matthews: An IVF True and False.

  1. Dante December 30, 2014 / 1:40 pm

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  2. mamasnotes October 5, 2011 / 12:56 pm

    I have read all of your posts on this issue, even the one explaining why you feel it is so important and I am still not sure I get it. And not trying to be sarcastic here either. I have failed in any of your posts to see a personal connection to it it (maybe because I have been skimming them I admit), so what is the obsession (for lack of a better word)? I am going to be honest at the risk of being lynched and say I feel IVF is a very personal thing, a very individual thing. To be honest in all the issues that could come up during election time it is one I wouldn’t even think twice about.


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