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How did your kids handle the first week of school?

How did your kids handle the first day of school?  How about the first week?

This year I have all three kids in school;

Linus in grade 2.

Stewie entering into senior kindergarten and;

Berry in nursery school.

Back to school has always been a lot of fun for me, since I loved school – I was not as focussed as I should have been, mind you – but I loved school.  Seeing my friends, new classes, new friends, new challenges.

So I was not surprised that my mini-me, Linus had this to say to us at the end of the first day of school; “I LOVED school today”.

Very surprising since he never loves anything in his life, except for his blankie (hence the name Linus) and his kitty (my avatar – that ucky grey – was white – stuffed cat).  The next morning, however, he was back to normal.  Sitting on our bed he had this assessment about his future;

“I’m staying home today.  I’m finished with school”.

Us: “Huh?  What?  You’ve been in grade 2 for only one day!”

Linus:  “I learned everything yesterday.  I’m going to quit school and get a job”.

Us: “What are you going to do with a grade 1 education?”

Linus: “I’m going to be a tax manager, like Daddy!”

Oh boy!

My wife: “Daddy went to grade 2, then all the way through high-school, university, graduate school after and he took lots of courses.  You need to go to school, learn to read, write, and take courses to be something you like.  You said you wanted to be a dentist, or policeman…”

Linus – thinking: “Okay.  I’ll go to school today”.

Then the conversation with Stewie… Ahh, Stewie.

Us: How was school, Stewie?”

Stewie: “It’s too easy.  All they ask me to do is colour.  I’m tired of colouring.  I’m bored”.

And so it goes…

Berry, on the other hand, had to be peeled off of my wife’s leg every day that she has gone to school.  I figure since it took us only a year-and-a-half to get her to bathe without freaking out, she should be fine to go to school on about the second last day of the year…

It’s going to be a long year.