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Dalton McGuinty’s Immigration Platform is not so new afterall…

So, the Liberals election platform has been “leaked” and boy is Dalton lucky that he doesn’t have to defend this mind-boggling promise.  You see, the Liberals somehow think that offering employes a $10,000 credit to hire new immigrants is going to stimulate the economy, keep Ontario out of a recession and help build a brighter future for everyone.

Wait a minute…

Are the Liberals aware that this already exists and is a gigantic failure.  Are the Liberals also aware that they cannot appeal to the public to vote Liberal so that the Conservatives won’t dominate all three levels of government.  They Libs are months away from being destroyed much like the Federal Liberal party was until Jack Layton’s untimely – and very sad – death making them relevant again.  With Happy Jack removed as the figurehead of this party, supporters will see them for what they really are… A pro-union, spend, spend, spend party who will bankrupt the country within 5 years.  The Liberals have always been 3 things;

  1. Somewhat central and therefore deemed to be a safe choice
  2. Corrupt
  3. Cocky (or is that confident) enough to know that they can win any riding at any time with whomever they parachute in, or appoint to run.  It’s that arrogance that helped in their destruction in the last Federal election and Dalton’s been drinking from that same red drink.

But before I begin, I want to make clear that the views contained in this post are not meant to be negative to those people who currently working in any level of government, nor are they the fault of anyone working there.  They individuals are wonderful people who want to eke out a living as you and I do.  It’s the bureaucrats who put these policies in place, not the worker-bee’s.

Back to Dalton’s brain-storm: 

The concept of “encouraging” employers to hire certain segments of the working population is nothing new to Ontario, nor Canada.  All levels of government already employ this tactic.  I worked for the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) for over 10 years in many progressive positions, so I’ve seen it all.  The CRA went through its own affirmative action / negative discrimination and I witnessed first hand how new immigrants were sought out, hired for positions which not all of them were 100% qualified for and I saw how other employees reacted – people of all nationalities – to this policy.

I saw a lot of inexperienced, unqualified people bring their very strong work ethic but lack of Canadian business acumen to the government and I won’t lie to you, there were some serious language short comings as a result.  Dealing with the public and having language issues is frustrating for everyone, the worker, the levels of management and the taxpayers.  Getting things done sometimes took twice as long and often times work was re-worked to make it clearer.   I recall one recently promoted manager referring to her staff as being “all babies, who need to grow up”.  I remember sitting with her an explaining the way government operates and her telling me that it didn’t matter how she liked to manage or how she managed back home, that if she continued to push the envelope and make people work harder, that they would fight back and file grievances against her.  She did not listen and the backlash was long and furious.

At its worst, this policy saw promotion opportunities closed to most of the current workforce and productivity declined as much as motivation did.  I even recall when 2 “white guys” were given temporary 6-month promotions and all the staff were shocked and talking about how unfair it was considering the need to hire up in order to meet quotas… It was terrible.  Instead of focussing on work, staff were concerned with who was going to get the next promotion and who deserved the next promotion.  Many management positions were filled based on criteria other than merit and for me, the straw that broke the camels back was upon completion of my MBA when not one, nor 2, but 7 management positions were filled while I sat there waiting for my opportunity.  With only the director of the office with a MBA I sought out an answer and was told point-blank that I would not be given an opportunity and I should leave.  So I did.  Picked up my ass off the chair one day, walked out of the office and never ever went back. 

I worked with some brilliant people who were also never given a chance to show their worth.  They came from all walks of life, but whenever there was a quota to be filled or a cash incentive lurking in the bushes, people were hired, transferred and promoted to benefit financially and stay in the good graces of senior management instead of based on who will help the organization move forward. 

I heard a Liberal spokesperson on the news today explaining that the Conservative have this all wrong.  It’s not about encouraging employers to hire new immigrants to positions which they are “qualified” for in order to receive a cash incentive, but it is about getting new immigrants who are qualified into jobs… First…



So I think the Liberals need to take a step back, speak to some of their government workers and see how well this incentive has worked at all levels before they go shooting off their mouths about how they think the province needs to be run.

It needs to be run conservatively!

As an aside, I recall Finance Minister Dwight Duncan speaking at the Canadian Tax foundation annual conference luncheon about the HST and how no other provincial leader had the balls to bring in the HST because it would have cost them votes, but while the recession was on, that was a good time to increase taxes…

I shook my head then and I shake it now.

As a result of initiatives like this one, certain government jobs are closed off for large segments of the population.  The government went from being a great place to work, with little pressure and amazing benefits – for some – to a giant bureaucratic mess which has lost sight of it’s true objective – serving the public. 

So I encourage you to send a message to the Liberal party, right to Dalton McGuinty himself that if he wants to keep Ontario prosperous he should not tax us more, he should not fool with the employment pool, and that he should find ways to keep people working – lower payroll taxes, lower minimum wage… Oops.  That ship already sailed on them. 

I’m ready to welcome Premier Hudek.

Are you?


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4 thoughts on “Dalton McGuinty’s Immigration Platform is not so new afterall…

  1. Thank you for you comments Daryl. You are probably right, you have experienced more in life than me. I’ve only worked for 2 employer (taking out all the summer jobs to put myself through school for $4.35/hr. My point about minimum wage – and I’m guessing you do not live in Ontario – is that when a minimum wage gets to be too high, and it’s $10.25/hr here in Ontario, then employers cannot afford to hire as many employees and studies have shown that unemployment goes up in that case. As well, employers cannot afford to offer overtime, nor stay open on holidays because the double time, etc, kills them.

    I don’t feel my views are akin to communism, but having worked in a unionized environment, and having worked in the private sector I stand by my words and I’m sure you will agree too, that the best / most qualified person should get the job, not for some other reason or government incentive.

    I also agree that in order to offer “minorities” equla access into the workforce, etc. if there are 2 equla candidates and one is a visible minority, then absolutely the minority should be given the job.

    I do really like your idea about campaign promises and being treated legally, with possible sentancing for those who lie. Great idea!!!

    You made some really good points. I hope you will return often to keep me on my toes!


  2. 100%. what your saying is right. ive been a player, in the negative, of employer politics in both big and small companies. the fact that i am able to read through the lines so well should be seen as an asset i think. bakc to the point tho, enchouraging the employment of immagrants over born Canadians is completely discusting. id NEVER expect, if living in another country, to be hired before people who were born there, but id welcome the job all the same lol

    whats this about lower minimum wage??!!!!!!!!!youve obviously never been forced into this position….breaking your back cause you dont have skill sets or post secondary education and getting absolutely NO WHERE in life!!! any job thats labour based should be at least 15 an hour minimum wage. (WATRESSES – even the thought of going out for a beer with friends and tipping a girl whos done nothing but look cute and smile to get paid twice what i do, !!!!!!WITHOUT GETTING TAXED!!!!!! as if our culture belives in this shit idea?!) anyway……. it sounds like the only job youve ever had is sitting on your damn ass either in an office or a class room, never even considering the fact that some people werent encouraged to believe that their personal worth….i have experienced far more in life than you have im sure.

    until the country or even province has a leader who has given themselves from this mindset, been poor desperate and taken advantage of, then nothing will ever be fare. so shut your damn whyning and get OVER IT!!! LIFES NOT FARE! if you want it to be, then form a new communist party or something.

    one more thing, id vote for ANYONE that vowed not to let only the rich and lobbiests run our country. our democracy doesnt ask people what they think of each decision that IS or IS BECOMNG their life, it only asks us to trust specific people and their ability to make the decisions they tell us they will make…let pass a law stating that campaign promisies be treating in the same way as what a witness states in out of our great courts.


  3. I saw a column in the Toronto Sun on this policy and it is an insult to Ontarians that were born here, paid to be educated here, pay taxes here and now will have an even harder time trying to get jobs here. While these immigrants, some of them insulted by this policy as well, who have not contributed to our economy are being given this advantage. Dalton doesn’t care about how well the policy will work or about morale – he’s just trying to buy the immigrant vote.


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