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Some examples of what makes me the urban daddy

I have so much stuff going through my head, that I had to get it all out in writing.  I have also come to realize that this is what makes me the urban daddy… My thoughts on being the father of 3 children, my ability to read people and understand thought processes and the general garbage that comes through my mind and onto this blog.

Here comes the dump… Hope you have a stable umbrella.

  • I like reggae music only when I’m in the islands.  I feel that it suits the heat and the way of life I can only find on vacation where it is really hot.  On my radio in Toronto just makes me want to go back down south and chill on a beach / cruise ship.
  • It’s time for a new toaster – the one we have does not toast any more, the button is broken, and to make toast I have to turn on the over part and wait for the toaster to start to creak and ping to know when the toast is done.  Even the kids recognize the sounds.  However, the toaster now starts creaking and pinging after the toast is very brown.  That tells me it’s time for it to go!
  • Boom 97.3 you’re losing me.  For starters, I hate bands like the Pet Shop Boys, New Order and the like but I listen because my wife loves that music and it’s a trip down memory lane, but how many times can I hear Loverboy, Supertramp or Depeche Mode before I start to go a little loony.  I think that time has come, or it’s coming really soon.  Anyone have any alternative thoughts and no, talk radio or 97.7HTZ FM, sadly.
  • The chefs on Top Chef Dessert were REALLY bitchy, eh?  Not like the other non-pastry chefs from the regular Top Chef show.  These one’s had real attitude.  Cant wait for the next season.  LOL.
  •  We went swimming to the Ledbury pool this past weekend for a birthday party (a GREAT idea!) and while swimming the lifeguard came up to me and asked me to remove my kids from the ramp.  I looked at the ramp which was chained shut and I looked at everyone else in the pool wondering how it was that we were blocking the closed ramp.  I said to her, “okay, when someone needs to use the ramp, I will make sure we are moved away”, to which she responded, “No you must move now – it’s the rules”.  So as a rule-abiding kind of guy / dad, we moved.  Then later in the afternoon as I was holding my daughter, Berry – who hates water, BTW, but was loving the pool, this same life guard came over to me and asked me to move her out of the deep end unless I wanted the lifeguard to give her a deep sea diving test right now.  Obviously my 22 month old cannot swim so I was going to ask if it made a difference that I was holding her, but the lifeguard cut me off and said, “even though you are holding her she must be able to swim on her own to be in the deep end.  Pool rules”.  So I popped my head under the line separating the deep end from the shallow end and continued swimming.  Another lifeguard came up behind this one and said to her, “I don’t enforce that rule anymore, especially during private parties”, to which she spun, looked at him and said, “that’s why you are a terrible lifeguard” as she stormed away. 
  • If you pay for your drink at Starbucks using a Starbucks card you are entitled to – among other things – a free flavour pump with your drink.  So someone like me who drinks Americano’s likes to have a pump of mocha with it so as it cools it still tastes delicious (Thank you Mr. Real Estate, Marshall Cohen).  Yet time and time again I get charged for that pump.  I even went into the last S’Bux with a tweet exchange between me and @StarbucksCanada where they confirmed the pump is free.  No luck.  I need to keep these receipts and send them in to HQ…
  • My 4-year-old, Stewie is a mini-male replica of my wife.  I don’t understand him, nor her.  Our daughter Berry is a cross between the two boys, but looks like a mini-version of my wife.  So I was no surprised to hear Stewie have this exchange with my wife this afternoon;

Stewie: “Mummy, I love the colour of your shirt today.  It’s my favourite colours”

Mummy: “Thank you Stewie”

Stewie: “Mummy, I love the colour of your hair, black is my favourite colour for hair”.

Mummy: “Thank you Stewie”

Stewie: “Mummy, and I love the colours on your glasses, they are my favourite colours”.

Mummy: “Giggle, thank you Stewie”.

Me: Hey Linus, you need to learn from your brother!”

Stewie to Linus now: “I hate short hair like yours”.

Linus: “But your hair is short too”

Stewie: “I just hate short black hair like yours”

Me: “Enough already… Out…”

Nice, eh?  Little charmer.

  • I don’t think that Wade Belak’s death was solely the result of the fact that he took repeated punches to the head while fighting in hockey.  I think he had suffered from depression before this and possibly his role in hockey contributed to the condition.  All that being said, there must be some good to come out of this.  Any child who loses their parent at such a young age suffers the most and his wife is also put in the position of being the sole parent.  I have strong opinions about suicide – not sure this happened in Wade’s case – but imagine the pain he must have been in to have done this, or overdosed on painkillers and alcohol… Tragic, but the National Hockey League needs to take Wade’s situation, Boogaards’, and that of Rick Rypien and come to the realization that we need premeditated fighting out of the game.  I hate this stuff to begin with and even Don Cherry declared about 10 years ago that with this fighters getting bigger and stronger, that Boogaard was going to kill someone one day.   It’s time has come.  I don’t like fighting in hockey, and I think instead of wasting the 4th line of a hockey team on “agitators” and “goons” the NHL should mandate that the 4th line contain rookies or new players, maybe specialty players for power plays or penalty killing and if the teams do not comply, them reduce the roster size by 3 players.  NHL teams carry 6 or 7 defensemen to cover 3 lines, so why then 4 lines of forwards?  Unnecessary and this change would be seen as a giant step forward by the NHL.
  • So what is open on Labour Day?  Nothing, right.  Well Stewie had a birthday party in Woodbridge of all places and I thought it would be a good idea to drop him off at the Trampoline place on Marycroft Road, then scoot up to Vaughan Mills so my wife can buy some more back to work wear.  Apparently, Vaughan Mills was one of the few places open and it was PACKED!  It took us almost 20 minutes just to get off the highway and another 10 minutes to park.  Inside was worse.  It was so packed that my wife called me when I went back to pick up Stewie asking me to hurry back so we could all leave.  It took me 20 minutes to get back up to get her and 20 minutes for her to get through the mall with the stroller out to the pick up point.  She said it was worse than Boxing Day shopping.  Zowie!
  • Did I mention that I’m in training for the 5k run at the CIBC run for the cure on October 2nd?  Well tonight I put in a 7km run in just under an hour.  I feel great too, and I really needed the steps for the push to the end of the 2011 Global Corporate Challenge.  That run along with the steps I ammassed today gave me a new person best of just over 55,000 steps and got me to 3-million steps.  YAY.