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Oh Boy, Has the Ontario Liberal Party Lost Touch…

I always had a hunch that come the Ontario Provincial election this fall that the Ontario Liberal Party was in for a huge defeat at the hands of the Conservatives. Tim Hudek has some great plans, and add to that, in times of a recession, you must have a fiscally conservative government in power to keep the economy moving.

I also figured with the absolute demise of the Federal Liberal Party – and that former Ontario Premier Bob Rae is their interim leader – that would indicate the Ontario Liberal Party is in for a very tough ride.

No I can confirm it.

On Friday morning on my way to the office I arrived at the Eglinton West subway station and standing just outside the doors, in a pink dress shirt looking quite lost and out of place was an older man with some pamphlets in his hand.

As I approached – sunglasses on and ipod blaring – he decided to start talking to me. I yanked out one ear bud as he was talking to me.

“…So do you live on the North side of Eglinton or South side?” he asked me.

“South side”, I replied as he yanked back his hand with the shiny pamphlet he was slowly offering me.

“Oh” he just stood there for a second slightly puzzled. “I’m Mike Colle. I represent the Liberals in the riding just north of the station”.

“Oh!” I replied. “I used to live in your riding. We only heard from you around election time. How are things going so far?”

“They’re okay”, he replied, still not giving me a pamphlet.

“We need to vote back in the Liberals because it’s not fair to have Conservatives in all three levels of government, right?”

“Is that your platform?”

“Yes. It’s not fair, right?”

So I replied out of kindness, “No, it’s not fair. Good luck with your campaign”, and I walked into the subway feeling sorry for a party that knows it’s going to get slaughtered and stayed in power regardless of debt, controversy, scandal, or waste and now they’re hopelessly out of touch with the electorate and it shows.

Colle had an opportunity to stop any of the younger people heading to the subway but he let them pass and stopped me. It’s the same way that generation is going to see past the Liberals and vote for the NDP or the Greens to be second to the Conservatives.

Attention Ontario Liberal Party: You need a shake up and you need it now!


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2 thoughts on “Oh Boy, Has the Ontario Liberal Party Lost Touch…

  1. Thanks to Toronto, yet again, the Ontario Liberals form the government despite: “debt, controversy, scandal, or waste” and the fact that “they’re hopelessly out of touch with the electorate”.

    Rural Ontario rejected the Liberals and voted PC; so did the north and steel-town where the vote was NDP. Leave it to the white collars in urban, southern Ontario to dictate the fate of the rest of the province, as per the usual. It’s a broken record that apparently can’t be fixed. I suppose the metropolitan ilk enjoy their high taxes, natural gas plant blunders, roads to nowhere and general stupidity. The rest of us are absolutely fed up with the Liberal Daddy Stick.

    As a young man who doesn’t live in the GTA, or Ottawa, or Sarnia/Windsor, etc., I can say that I’ve had enough with this incompetence and am leaving for B.C. to join so many other young Ontarians. Toronto should be a city-state, so it can leave the rest of us the hell alone. Self-determination….what a concept. So elusive.


  2. You never film this stuff. It’s my second official suggestion for this blog. I believe the first one was for you to come out as more conservative. First target has been met. Awaiting news of new target set……


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