“Dads are Becoming some of the Most Popular Bloggers on the Block” reports CBSnews.com

Any kind of press is good press, right?  If the press is really good press, then I guess it would be even better!  Last night, around 2:15am I had just finished up an email conversation with a colleague from our Australian head office and decided before going to bed, I should check my blog’s hits for the day.

I’ve had a really positive run the past couple of years, and my posts, visits and views are all at a all-time high, which is dramatically different from even 3-years-ago, where I would see 10 views a day which I always thought were just my visits.

Tonight, I looked a little further to see where the viewers were coming and what posts they were reading, when I noticed that there was a URL which appeared to come from CBSnews.com and that URL brought me a grand total of four viewers today.

I automatically presumed the URL was spam, and I knew that I should not click on it, but it’s 2:30 in the morning and my judgement was not so good, so I clicked it, and was shocked to see where it led.

The link led me to an article on the CBS News website which was titled;

The link to the original article is either here or can be accessed by clicking the title, above.

In that article, which I encourage all of you to read, celebrity blogger and former Wall Street corporate tax attorney Fred Mwangaguhunga mentioned talks about what it’s like to be a famous Daddy blogger, father and former Tax Attorney, and where he gets his inspiration from and in the 3 blogs that he mentioned, The Urban Daddy is one of them!

My blog!

At first, I thought it might be because we share a common profession – taxation, or possibly because we have the same number of children (3), but then I realized that whatever the reason, I am absolutely flattered and the fact that I have been mentioned is exciting for me, and for this blog.

The piece of the article is below;

“It turns out with more fathers staying home or taking a more active role, mommy bloggers aren’t the only trend-setters these days. Daddy bloggers are also making their voices heard through At Home Dad, Daddy’s Home, and NYC Dads Group, among others. Fred refers to Urban Daddy, The Triplet Connection and the Manhattan Twins Club.”

Later in the day I noticed that CBSBoston picked up this story… Sort of, and in their article entitled “Stay-At-Home Dad Bloggers Emerge Online”, I read this; “With an array of sites like The Daddy Files, DaDa Rocks, The Busy Dad Blog and Urban Daddy, dads are becoming some of the most popular bloggers on the block.”

Here is the article in Boston;


Needless to say, all this attention is very cool and greatly appreciated.  I hope I can one day pay it forward too.  Fred, if you are reading this, I want to thank you very much.  You made my day!

Happy Father’s Day to you!


8 thoughts on ““Dads are Becoming some of the Most Popular Bloggers on the Block” reports CBSnews.com

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  3. Art May 13, 2013 / 10:10 pm

    I’m not surprised! Its because you do an awesome piece of writing for all the internet viewers; yes, some of your posts are really long, but no body wants to read just about kids or parenting. Especially since you said you are close to 1000 posts. People drop by when they Google something and you are at the top of the listings. They will get benefit from your views and take on situations for sure.

    I’m not in Canada but I get the frustration with the Mayor and the government not paying for IVF treatments. We have that stupidity here.

    Is it true, that Toronto is the 5th largest city in north America and your subways are small and useless? I’m shocked! How can that be?


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