Stuff that bugs me…

I saw an article that the 3-year-old daughter of Jamie Lynn Spears, the little sister of Britney Spears, was singing one of Britney’s songs and I think it was placed on YouTube.

This item was actually trending quite high for the day – ahead of the global financial crisis, the tragedy in Norway, the famine in Africa and many other important events.

My immediate thought was this; Would you, as a parent, think any of Britney’s songs are acceptable for children, let alone the fact that Britney is not exactly the best role model for little girls – marriage, kids, meltdown, lack of underwear…


Why does my stupid spellchecker never auto correct when I type “myslef” instead of “myself”. Can I not program it to do it automatically since I’ve typed it wrong my entire life and cannot for the life of me figure out a way to fix it other than typing VERY slowly…


I know Toronto is a hockey town – baseball too when the Jays are winning, but did you know that the NBA players were locked out by the owners July 1st? I certainly did not.  Granted that sport is messed up, when all the players get guaranteed contracts of tens of million of dollars, then get bought out and sign where ever they want for that amount plus whatever the new team will pay them. It’s dumb.  It also shows in the games as a bunch of millionaires are playing a bunch of billionaires and no one wants to get hurt.  That and the hugging before and after the game.  These are not rivalries, it’s a group hug.  Memo to NBA Commish. David Stern… Fix it!


A while back I posted about businesses putting up signs for their stores which did not clearly indicate what the store was and how I felt that was a bad marketing move. In doing this, I was specifically referring to a restaurant on Avenue Road, simply called, “The Vault”. I passed by this place in my car for a year never knowing what it was until one day I walked by it and noticed tables nd chairs inside which resembled a place where people would eat.

Considering this location was renovated for a long time and that it was a very large location, I would have thought that a description of what was inside might have been beneficial on the sign, for example, to indicate 1) that it was a restaurant and 2) what type of food it served.

Well, last week, I drove on Avenue Road towards the highway and sure enough “The Vault” was closedand the building up for lease.

I somehow feel justified in my thought, but sorry that I never got to go there and check it out.


What is bugging you right now?


2 thoughts on “Stuff that bugs me…

  1. irnldy August 15, 2011 / 5:48 pm

    Well then, I can only assume you are ecstatic about the NEW restaurant on Avenue Rd called “Kitchen”. I never ate at the famed Vault, but my parents did. They were the only people there on a Friday night. Said they could smell the death in the air.


  2. enas satir August 11, 2011 / 5:40 pm

    things that bug me..umm where to begin..
    1- girls.. and the way they treat each other for one>> lack of sisterhood..
    *super sweet with guys.. super mean to each other.. <> be the bigger person.. and be nice to a person i can’t stand..(aka.. act civilized) why not treat this person like he/she deserves to be treated..or like they treat others!cause smiling to someone.. while i’d rather punch him/her n the face.. feels like .. i dunno.. hypocrisy?
    5- why everyone’s idea of being urself..always translates into acting crazy!
    cause only when u act like a drooling lunatic.. then u r spontaneous, funny, and easy to be around..
    wat if the person is quiet..would only laugh to what’s funny..doesn’t feel the need to be friends with EVERYBODY (cause it might be actually healthy to have enemies here n there)..and act super excited all the considered to be holding back? maybe the real me is not hyper..just real!
    alright.. it seems that too many things bug me..loool… maybe i should write a post about it..:)


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