Taking a break from Toronto politics to post about recent things my kids said…

I’m taking a break from talking about Toronto politics – temporarily – so I can post about my kids.   Ahhh… Kids.  Here are some recent things they said which were worth posting (so I thought).

My 4-year-old looked up in the sky at the clouds and said; “clouds are like mountains in the sky what are (made of) like cotton”.

When describing the park that he wanted to go play in, instead of describing the park to us, he recalled the photo shoot we had there together instead when he said; “I want to go to the park where that girl took pictures of us so you will remember what we look like when we are older”.

My 6-year-old has been super-helpful recently and in doing so he wanted to tell a bedtime story to his brother and baby sister but he needed help getting going, so I helped him along by saying; “Once upon a time…” figuring he would tell them a story about a prince or a princess, or make something up, however, in typical Jewish day school training, he picked up my intro and continued with; “… Jewish people were slaves in Egypt to a bad, bad Pharoah who was very mean…”  Yup.   What every 20 month old needs to know.

Things my 20-month-old Berry are afraid of;

  • Subways
  • Bugs
  • Bath / Shower
  • Bed

All of these raise her blood pressure instantly and make her cry. 

While eating dinner at Safari on Avenue Road, 4-year-old Stewie was told by the waiter that he was a good eater and a good guest to which my son replied; One day I will own this store!”.  The waiter stopped and said, “Pardon Me???” to which Stewie replied – now slightly turning his head back so the waiter could hear him – “One day I’m going to own this store!”… Oh yes he did!

I’m not sure where they get this stuff from since we’ve never mentioned to him that we are going to buy restaurants, stores, or anything like that.

This morning Stewie and I walked to get bagels at about 6:30am, and when we came to an intersection, Stewie squeezed my hand and made me stop for an extra few seconds.  His rationale;

“Daddy, do you know why we had to wait a few extra seconds before we crossed the street here?”

Me: “No, I don’t know why… why?”

Stewie: “Because we are wearing sandals so we have to make sure no cars are coming for if they run over our toes it will hurt SO much. ”

Me: “Errr, okay.  Thanks bud!”.

And finally, my wife bought a couple stuffed giant microbes (science teachers tend to love this stuff), one was E. Coli and the other was penicillin.  Well my 6-year-old and I are allergic to penicillin so when she showed it to him he thought it was real and suddenly he started to feel sick and refused to go to his day camp today.  It wasn’t for a good 30 minutes before he fessed up that he thought it was real and that was what made him sick.  Funny that he wasn’t worried about his little sister hugging the E. Coli…


One thought on “Taking a break from Toronto politics to post about recent things my kids said…

  1. Murray Children August 6, 2011 / 7:56 pm

    Hello 🙂
    Just wanted to say that I love this post. I’ve started up my own and was wondering if anyone else had anything simular.

    Funnily enough, my children are the same ages as yours, 4yrs and 7yrs (ok nearly lol).

    I must admit, our 4 year old has the most active imagination 🙂

    Take care x Keep it up 🙂


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