Thursday Thirteen – Supernova style!

This Thursday’s list comes to us from Elliott Hurst, the CEO of Supernova, and Elliott put together for your enjoyment, the top 13 movies about music (in no particular order).  These are the best 13 movies ABOUT music (not just have good soundtracks; but making music is essential to these films).

What else would you expect from a music aficionado like Eliott?!?


So let’s go!


1. Woodstock
2. This is Spinal Tap
3. Blues Brothers
4. Almost Famous
5. Anvil! The Story of Anvil
6. High Fidelity
7. Gimme Shelter
8. Beastie Boys; Awesome I Fuckin’ Shot That!
9. Singles
10. 8 Mile
11. Walk the Line
12. The Commitments
13. Eddie and the Cruisers


So what makes your list?


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