Trying to catch up on posts via one massive brain dump

I thought about blogging more the past couple weeks but I just couldn’t. Ever since I became a contributor of Silly Little Ones, I wanted to wow them and their audience with my wit, knowledge and terrible writing style but it just wasn’t meant to be.

I think it all stated a couple of weeks ago when 4-year-old Stewie stopped sleeping through the night. He started getting up around midnight and walking into our room, and waking me and my wife out of very sound sleeps. Then the routine begins to bring him into our bed. You see, Stewie (aptly named after the baby from Family Guy because we think he always wants to kill us) still wears a pull-up at night and he soaks it! This not-so-little guy goes to sleep with a pull-up under his pajamas, and sleeping on a towel on top of his bed sheet which is over a plastic mattress protector, and by mid-night, he’s sometimes soaked through all of them. What am I saying… Most nights he wets right down to the mattress protector. We’ve tried waking him 2-3 times at night to pee, we’ve tried no pull-up, not letting him drink after 6pm, and we have spoken to him about it but none of it works, so when he appears in our room, I take him to pee, change his pull-up, and place a towel down on our bed then find somewhere else to sleep.

To put it in perspective, neither my wife, nor I have slept a full-night’s sleep in a LONG time!

Tonight, with the chance of thunderstorms, I put him on alert – not that he needed it – to come to our room as soon as he awakes… JOY!

So normally the amount of sleep I get doesn’t matter to me. Actually the more I get, the sorer I am in the morning. For my wife, once she’s up, she’s up, so when Stewie comes into our bed he starts chatting, usually about why he came to our room and once he starts there is no stopping him.

Being on this detox has fouled up that too. Both my wife and I are exhausted most of the day and we feel like giant balls of crap. It’s not that we are hungry, or that we are craving anything, but our joints are achy, our heads hurt and when we look in the fridge for something to eat, we are sadly disappointed. With that in mind, I broke my detox tonight. I had purchased a yogurt bowl for both boys at karate this morning and neither boy ate theirs, so after 8 hours of looking at it, I finally ate the strawberries out if it, then promptly finished the bowl. It was FANTASTIC! The detox is scheduled to go on until Thursday night, but I really needed something different to eat than rice cakes with almond butter and sliced banana’s on it (which is delicious by the way!).
A big part of me wants to continue the detox because I need to keep losing some weight and this appears to be the best way, especially in light of the fact that my steps are way down on the Global Corporate Challenge (GCC) this past weekend.

Over the past couple weekends, I’ve taken the boys for long walks and we’ve spent the day as a family running errands and I’ve been in the high 20,000’s for steps, even passing 30,000 steps on of those days, but this past weekend due to my horrible mood and the intense heat that is pounding Toronto (not complaining – I LOVE the heat) I’m in the low 20,000’s which is really disappointing. Since my team is battling for top spot in North America for my company and we sit near the top 15 teams in Canada for all companies, every step matters. This weekend really was disappointing and I’m going to have to make it up… At some point in time, but very soon.

So a re-cap of the past couple weeks, please, you say;

My wife and I celebrated our 10th wedding anniversary (tin) on July 1st, and just tonight I noticed that her 95-year-old grandfather gave us a card that read, “With Deepest Sympathies”. LOL.

For our anniversary I bought my wife a Slingbox and a $25 gift card for Zynga (Cityville / Farmville) and as I tweeted that night that she was REALLY excited about the gift card. Granted neither her, nor I know anything about a Slingbox. I heard an ad on the radio by Rogers Fan590 morning show host Greg Brady who described the product and it sounded great. So I bought it. It plays our HDTV on any computer… How cool is that?

My wife bought us the Mirvish package and we went to see The Railway Children which was incredibly good. The theatre was great, the characters were full of enthusiasm and easy to fall in love with, but the seats in the theatre were BRUTAL! At one point I realized my knee was in the shoulder-blade of a 75 year old woman in front of me. I’m sure she was not amused, but that should not stop you from seeing the show. If you are tall, or a little wider than the average person, as for a front row seat or a seat in the last row in the aisle (last row is still amazing seating!).

Oh, and as a result of some last minute negotiating, my wife and I went to see U2 at the Rogers Centre.  It was incredible.  I have always been a casual admirer of their music, essentially starting after their Joshua Tree album, my wife (who arranged for the tickets) is a fan of the older stuff, and I can appreciate the older stuff, but likes some of the newer stuff they did for soundtracks, like “Hold Me, Thrill Me, Kiss Me, Kill Me” and “Elevation”. If was a little surprised when we got to the Rogers Centre that 5/6’s of the people in attendance were there for the early music and whenver they played one of those songs, the place went nuts for it.  After what was an incredible show, I am now a huge fan.

Prior to the show we had dinner at a restaurant called Fresh, on Spadina mainly because of our detox, and the food was really yummy there.

The week prior we had some incredible Indian food at Indus Tavern on Eglinton Avenue.  So so good. Highly recommended!

So that is pretty much the catch up required to bring me current.

The only other thing that happened since I started this draft on the weekend was that my kids and I went to a park on Sunday in the middle of that incredible heat wave we’re having here in Toronto and after 20 minutes of running around and almost melting we all decided to clean up this park from the garbage and tons of weeds that had grown over time. It looked to us that this part was no longer being used because some of the spikey weeds were dangerous for little children and if the weeds were gone, kids would be allowed to come play. I’m proud of my kids for wanting to help out and for 30 minutes in the sweltering heat we did this.


3 thoughts on “Trying to catch up on posts via one massive brain dump

  1. mamasnotes July 20, 2011 / 11:20 am

    Rice cakes with almond butter and banana, no wonder you are looking for food! If you are exhausted and so worn out, I don’t understand how it is possible that this detox is healthy. Keep in mind this comes from a non-believer in detox.

    I laughed out loud re the anniversary card with deepest sympathies!

    Is Stewie drinking an awful lot?

    We went to U2, last year when they played Rogers Centre, I was highly disappointed. Their new music does not compare to the old at all. I am not surprised that most people were there for the old music, I was and I was upset it wasn’t played much at all.


    • Urban Daddy July 20, 2011 / 8:33 pm

      Mamasnotes – No he doesn’t drink all that much and we had him tested a while back. The doctor said he just sleeps too soundly. 😦

      I found the detox to be a complete waste of time except for the fact that it made me realize I don’t need coffee every day (10 days no coffee) and that I should be eating smaller portions and I’ll lose weight since I’m exercising my ass off. I’m sure I must have “detoxified” my liver by not eating chemicals, etc, but I don’t feel it. Granted, I had a bug during this process which atributed to my crappy feeling.

      I’d try a different detox again in the future… why not.


      • Urban Daddy July 20, 2011 / 8:34 pm

        Rachel – … and go he will! Welcome Premier Hudek and… MP Mike Yen!


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