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Urban daddy housekeeping: Global Corporate Challenge and new blogs for you to follow

I am always looking for new blogs to read and today’s post is about some that have come to my attention that I would like to mention.

The first one is Silly Little Ones –  A new online parenting community which gathers photos, videos and blogs on children and their stories.  Those of us who contribute content to this site benefit by increased traffic to our sites while giving readers some new posts to read and comment on from fellow mommies and daddies.

The next one is Damn Yank;

The third one is the Lazy Photographer  If you check out David’s page you will see he is Toronto based and you should recognize a lot of the surroundings and see through the eyes of this photographer.   David also takes family portraits at a reasonable cost – we’re scheduled for later this summer – and he specializes in one-on-one (or group) street walking sessions where he will teach you how to get the most of your camera.  If I had any time at all, I would totally join David on a tour of the streets with my camera.

Welcome to all of you!  I hope the Urban Daddy community treats you well and comes to visit every now and then.


Changing things up a little… did you all hear about the Nathan’s hot dog eating contest (free publicity @nathans… Please send dogs! Nitrate free and kosher please)  The winner ate a disgusting 62 dogs (and buns) in 10 minutes.

62! How gross. I mean who would go watch these?   I think only people who want to watch others throw up, or watch people die, or watch schoolyard fights on the internet.  

I think the most I ever ate at one sitting was 6 and I was probably 17 at the time and still… growing.


Switching gears here to the Global Corporate Challenge:

Check it out!

So I’m at day 50 of the Global Corporate Challenge.  I joined it under the impression that I would be given a pedometer, form a team with 6 other colleagues, then walk for a given period of time and keep track of the steps.  Simple, right?

Well did you know that the average white collar worker walks an average of 3,000 steps a day. The #GCC encourages 10,000 steps a day.  Last year the person at my office that walked a lot averaged 13,000 steps per day. 

Going in I had very few expectations.  Well, with kids, my first day was 13,ooo steps and nowadays, by 10am after getting my kids ready and myself ready in the morning, plus a walk I’m at that goal.   Add on 4000-5000 more steps getting them to bed and with some daily exercise, or walking I have been doing quite well… Okay, very well. Here are my totals and my teams totals to date:

Personally, I have walked 3,722kms, or just over 1,000,000 steps. That puts my team at Level 75.

As a team, we have walked 5,000,000 steps for an average of 17,734 steps per team member. My step average is 21,596

So what does all this mean for my team?!? Well, we’re 1st in my company for all the North American teams of which there are many. We are 15th out of all the registered teams in Canada (there are 618 registered Canadian teams. We currently sit at 455th in the world out of 18166 teams registered globally.

Pretty cool, eh?

And it is very inspiring to see where we rank, how close were are to moving up or down and that there is another Canadian team right behind us who have been just ahead of us for most of the past month. Competition is good. It means no nights off for my 4-1,000,000 step club walkers.

All in all I have lost some inches but not weight I have actually gained some weight, but I have a ton of energy.

So what new blogs have you come across that deserve to be recognized (and don’t be shy… mention your own too if you’re not already on my blogroll).

I am going to walk!


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