Parenting 101: The Tooth Fairy and the Postal Strike

Recently, we went to friends of ours for dinner.  We took-out sushi from a great place on Eglinton Avenue called Tokyo Sushi, and the 9 of us had so much food it was unbelievable, but we were also 45 minutes after the kids regular dinner time so they were super-hungry.  So hungry that right in the middle of the meal, my 6-year-old son Linus decided it would be a great idea to pull out his loose tooth. 

Oh yes.  Right in front of everyone.

And of course, there was a LOT of blood. 

So we sent him to their bathroom and while we all ate, he spent about 10 minutes trying to get it fromt bleeding.

Once we got home, as is customary in the urban daddy household, Linus had to write a letter to the Tooth Fairy, explaining that he lost the tooth and asking for her to come get it.  The “tooth fairy” then writes back a letter encouraging him to continue to eat healthy, brush and floss his teeth, clean up his room and be good to his brother, sister and nanny. 

Getting him to write them the first couple times was like – pardon the pun – pulling teeth, but lately it’s been a breeze.  He grabs paper and sits down to pen his story to the tooth fairy and in return gets a letter and $2.00.

Still recovering from being sick the entire family we to bed that night at 9:30pm.  At 5am, I woke up and realized that we forgot to grab his tooth out from under his pillow, along with the letter he wrote and even worse, we forgot to prepare a letter to him from the tooth fairy.

I quickly got up, shook the cobwebs out of my head, and walked quietly into his room. Through the pitch black of the night I could see he was looking at me. I thought he might be sleeping, so I slid my hand under his pillow and carefully took out the note and tooth while pretending to be fluffing his pillow. He did not move, so I left and went back to bed.

At 6am, Stewie woke up and came into our room so in order to make sure he went back to sleep, I crept into bed with Linus to catch some more sleep myself.

Then, at 6:30am Linus woke up and boy was he pissed… The tooth and note were missing from under his pillow and there was a $2.00 coin there, but no note from the tooth fairy. He looked at me and said; “Why didn’t you leave me a note, Daddy? You came at 5 in the morning and took the tooth and the note but you didn’t leave me a note. All you left me was $2.00.”

I was shocked, so I did what every guy would do in this situation and I denied it.

Linus, however, would have none of it. He replied with; “Don’t lie to me! I saw you! You took the tooth and the note and put them in your pocket and you didn’t leave me a note, just $2.00”.

So I denied it further, but inspector Linus wouldn’t give in, so he got up and stormed out of the room muttering that he was “going to tell mummy”.

So from his bed, at 6:30am I could hear him and her talking, him being very upset and her not knowing what Linus saw. Then 2 minutes later Linus returned to his room with a massive smile on his face.

I didn’t say anything…

He said to me; “I know why the tooth fairy did not leave a letter. There is a postal strike… The post office must mail the letter to the tooth fairy for her to put under my pillow. Once the strike is over, mummy said I will be getting my note”.

WHEW, I thought. Again, my wife saved my ass.

I got up and went to see her. She was as surprised as I was that he bought the story, hook, line and sinker.

Then again… We are allowing him to believe in the tooth fairy…


5 thoughts on “Parenting 101: The Tooth Fairy and the Postal Strike

  1. Rachel July 7, 2011 / 11:47 pm

    From Mom: “Naomi, you’re the best Way to go mom!”


  2. Rachel July 7, 2011 / 11:18 pm

    Chalk one up for Naomi! She’s goooood!


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