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Father’s Day 2011 – What it means to be a father of 3 awesome children.

Today is Fathers’ Day.  It is 2011, and my kids are now 6-years-old, 4-years-old and 1 1/2 years-old.  I look much older than I presently am, but somehow my wife looks younger, and more incredible than she did the day I met her.

Today was supposed to be a very busy day.  Not as busy as Mother’s Day, mind you, but I have absolutely no complaints about that because until men begin pushing out babies, it should be that way.

Here is how Father’s Day went down this Sunday;

First off, I typed “Father’s Day” into Twitter as part of a tweet wishing a wonderful day to all single dads, new dads, first time dads and dads in general.  I was promptly corrected by a follower who said that “Father’s Day” should not be capitalized, and that it should have read “fathers’ day”, instead.  Oops.  So thank you for the correction.  You know who you are.

The day started with my 6-year-old Stewie asking me about my father (who passed away suddenly when I was 29-years-old, and a year before we started creating our family.  He told me that he “wished my father was still alive”.

It got me thinking about my Dad on a day where I selfishly enjoy the forced adoration my children and family give me.  I needed that.

So over breakfast, Stewie, Linus and I chatted about what a father’s day breakfast should entail, as I used to cook great breakfasts for my father and myself growing up.  Those were some of my fondest memories.

Once I told them plenty of breakfast stories, Linus asked me where my Dad is buried and that he really wants to visit the cemetery and see the headstone.  I’m not sure he’s ready.  I’m sure that Stewie is not ready.  I don’t know why I feel this way but I do.  My family has never been big cemetery visitors, preferring instead to have that person live on in our memories.

I changed the topic and instead we sat down and talked about my Dad some more, and went into greater detail about what a father’s day / weekend breakfast should look like.

I’m not sure how we ended up here, but I played Harry Chapin’s “Cats in the Cradle” for the boys.  Linus clearly understood the message in this song as within hours, he was asking me to play with him so I didn’t wind up like the dad in that song.

We spend some time together watching How To videos on YouTube and we decided that his day was going to be spent together, as a family, doing family things.

Every day is fathers’ day / Father’s Day!

I don’t need a day to remember that.  I’m thankful to have such great kids and to have such an awesome wife who made me a father.

Happy Father’s Day!