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Is this the way the new Federal parliament is going to operate with Jack Layton on the scene?

I saw am article the other day that I was drawn by it’s headline, which read something like this, “Federal Industry Minister Tony Clement to ask Gas and Oil Industry to Explain Prices”.

It’s about time, I thought.  Gas prices had gone up overnight over $0.06 cents to over $1.40 a litre.  It was the highest I could recall, and it made me happy that we spent the extra dollars last year and bought a hybrid vehicle – the Toyota Highlander.  Having that hybrid means instead of filling up every week, I fill up every second week. 

I was glad to see that finally someone in the government – in any level of government, was finally going to question these massive oil and gas companies and get answers as to why, when the price of a barrell of oil goes up, the next day the price of gas goes up, but when the price of a barrell of oil goes down… you get a response like this one; “Any lasting relief from wild price swings could take months to trickle down to the pump.”

So I read the article, and found it to be pretty straightforward.  Then I saw that a NDP MP – who I presume must be the Industry critic, had something to say.  His name is Jack Harris. He said the NDP are not satisfied… With what, I thought?!?

Harris had decided to hold  a news conference in Ottawa and was critical of Clement’s actions by stating that, “Canadians deserve a better explanation… Canadians want to know if there’s evidence of collusion among oil companies, or price gouging by the industry.”

With that comment, former Liberal MP and gas price “watcher” Dan McTeague said he’s worried the parliamentary committee appearance will be a waste of time.  Ah, the Price Watcher.  McTeague watched when prices were going up and down and he reported it… He didn’t press oil and gas, but he reported increases and decreases – that kind of service to the public resulted in his ousting this past election.

But I really find this odd, don’t you?

If the NDP MP had such a strong opinion about gas prices and was SO concerned about collusion, why didn’t MP Harris hold his press conference first!  Why didn’t he ask these questions of oil and gas himself, why did he wait for the Conservatives to take action be

I’ll tell you why…

It’s easier to criticize an action taken by someone else than it is to actually take the action yourself. I mean, geez, anyone can complain that a government took too long, or are not asking the right questions because it turns all the attention to you for pressing on that issue, when in actual fact, the spot light should be on the person asking the questions. If MP Harris was prepared and wanted to prove that the NDP Are going to be a force to be reckoned with, he would have jumped all over this and called for a meeting, or asked the questions ahead of time and not waited for the Conservatives to asks the questions before complaining about the type of questions being asked.

I think we can look forward to 4 years of this behaviour, then never again.