Randomness for a Friday… You “like” me, you really, really “like” me…

Hey there urban daddy fans.  Thank you for taking the time to hit up Facebook and “like” me.  Each “like” is much appreciated and every time another one comes through in my monthly stats I really appreciate it… That being said…

Did you know I just passed 20,000 hits.   Cool eh?  I moved this blog from Blogger to WordPress around 3 years ago and with that change, I came here with zero hits.  So taking into consideration the fact that my visits to my own blog do NOT count, I’m really happy with the support.  IF my hits DID count, I’d be at a million hits already.  LOL

So, on Wednesday nights after work, I race home to take my boys to their swimming classes.  After swimming, the boys have a shower, then we all race home and my wife and I got the kids ready for bed – we have a grat bedtime routine that involves books, flossing, brushing, snack and some one-on-one time.  

Last Wednesday, the boys were in bed fairly easily, but our daughter – Berry – who was in bed wanted nothing to do with sleeping.  As a matter of fact at one point I tried to pick her up when she said to me, “Let go!”   Oh no… She’s mastered “no”.  When she said “no Daddy” it broke my heart.  Then she saw my reaction and kept saying it with the world’s biggers smile on her face.  Bun Dit.

So I yanked her out of bed, we walked around, talked, ate, etc, and she finally saw her crib again, at 9pm, I then jumped in the car set to go have wings and beer with my friends, then off to see the accountant (she is working from 9-midnight until the May 2nd tax filing deadline here in Canada.  On my way back I was going to drop off a ladder at my in-laws that I borrowed 4-5 months ago.

But sometimes not all well thought out plans fall into place… I did met up with the boys at Duff’s on Bayview Avenue, south of Eglinton.  I was about an hour late, so I quickly order a Rickards White – came with an orange slice which I thought was odd – and a small order of medium chicken wings (10 wings).  Normally I have wings at St. Louis Bar and Grill and their medium is quite tame, so I went with the medium here too.  It was when they came that I noticed they were this funny orange colour.  The guys at my table were surprised that I ordered “hot” wings.  Even after I said they were medium, the guys still seemed impressed.  It wasn’t until I ate my first wing – mouth on fire – when I noticed the servers had t-shirts explaining that the medium are hot.  The hot are very hot.  Hmmmm.

So I ate, drank, and ate some more, trying not to spill on my white shirt and trying not to look like the noob who ordered wings too hot to eat.  I think I pulled it off.

Guess what?!?

I spilled all over the bottom of my shirt. 

Oh well.

I ate 9 of the 10 wings and, with no water, (had a sucker – because it was there) I grabbed a pitcher of water from the server and drank.  Whew.

We all watched the 2 hockey games on TV – both game 7’s – and cheered while the Habs lost and the Bolts won.

Then we slowly headed out and towards our cars.  It was then I realized it was 10:30pm, so too late to go to the accountant and too late to go return the ladder.  With my gym clothes in the car, and already partially dressed in running attire, I pulled into my driveway at 11pm, stripped off my clothes and on a stomach full of wings, and beer I took off for a run.

I had mentally mapped out a route in my new neighbourhood that I suspected was around 5km and realistically, hoped I would make it at least to the end of the block.  I did.  Then I decided to keep moving so I hit the end of that street, about 5 blocks in length, and I continued on. 

While running and still trying to keep note of where Iwas, I had thought if I turned right, the road would curve and take me back to my street.  I turned and ran… and ran… and ran… and when I was totally lost, I saw a main street in front of me that I thought was really cvlose to my house.  Just a little longer.  I ran towards this main street and as I approached it I was stunned to find it was not the main street I had hoped for, and I wasn’t sure whether to turn left or right.  I stopped, walked a little, then realized I was on the opposite street I thought I was running towards, and after a few minutes of walking I found my street and ran across it home.  4.1km, 27 minutes.


How messed up has this week been for me???

On Monday I dressed up in my grey dress shirt, black dress pants and black shoes, only to realize later in the day that my pants were blue, not black, then on Tuesday I put my contact lenses in the wrong eyes for the first time ever.   I started wearing contract lenses when I was 19. 


It donned on me when I was driving and I couldn’t see the countdown at each intersection.  It was a giant blur to me.  I was convinced when I couldn’t see my computer at the office.  I figured either they were in the wrong eye – and I was extremely over-tired – or either I had a detached retina, or was having a stroke.  Fun being 40!!!

Have you ever done that before?


One thought on “Randomness for a Friday… You “like” me, you really, really “like” me…

  1. Rumour Miller May 13, 2011 / 9:19 pm

    Wow! You stayed up past 10:00 on a work night. You are far cooler than I.


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