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Of Skype, the “defenceless” Bin Laden’s and “educated” NDP MP’s

Today is May 10th!  Happy Census Day…

Yeah, whatever…

What does $8.5 billion dollars get you nowadays?  Skype, if you’re Microsoft and have a few extra nickles in your pocket.  Investors are panning this purchase – saying Microsoft paid too much.  You think?  Hopefully for all you Microsoft investors, this purchase won’t be as big a bst as the 2007, $6-billion dollar purchase of online ad company aQuantive.  Skype, for the record, posted a $7-million dollar loss last year on $860 million dollars in revenue.  I guess with almost 150 million users, there had to be some additional worth here…

See Elliott… Get 150 million users for and Microsoft will buy your company for $6-billion dollars.  Whatever would you do with the money?  🙂

Anyone else find the irony here;

Osama bin Laden’s eldest son, Omar, issued a statement to the press on behalf of himself and his brothers that said;  “It is unacceptable — humanely and religiously — to dispose of a person with such importance and status among his people, by throwing his body into the sea in that way, which demeans and humiliates his family and his supporters and which challenges religious provisions and feelings of hundreds of millions of Muslims.”

He went on to say that he holds US president Obama “legally responsible” for their – get this –  “criminal mission and obliterated an entire defenseless family . . . contrary to the most basic human sentiment, and they rushed to dispose of the body,” he said.

Really?  Did he really go to the press and use the sentance “entire defenceless family”???  I’m sure he must have forgotten the thousands of defenceless people who perished in the World Trade Centre bombings.  What, Omar… They don’t count but you do?  Stop your whining… son of a terrorist!

For a week now, after the May 2, 2011 surprise NDP showing in Quebec, the newly elected  MP for Berthier-Maskinongé, Ellen Beth Brosseau has kept a very low profile in the face of complaints that she speaks little French and the controversy that she vacationed in Las Vegas rather than campaigning in her constituency.

Well add another issue for this single mother – who on the NDP website is advertised as being “an assistant pub manager and a community activist with an interest in animal welfare.”  The website also stated that she has a “diploma in Advertising and Integrated Marketing Communications from St. Lawrence College in Kingston.”

She doesn’t.


Turns out she did not complete her studies for that program and therefore does not have her diploma.  In yet another cover-up, the NDP spokesperson, Kathleen Monk it taking all the blame for this stating that Brosseau told them she did not graduate, but an eager staffer changed her credentials while posting it on the NDP website. 

Sure, blame the party staffer.

The NDP had already blamed a party staffer when the online bio of newly-elected Quebec MP Mylène Freeman wrongly said that she had grown up in her riding of Argenteuil-Papineau Mirabel.

The strange party here is that Brosseau was elected in a riding she has never been to.  She cannot speak French – 77% of the rural population are francophone,  and was elected without conducting any interviews and after spending time in Vegas.

And I thought Toronto voters were stupid for always voting Liberals over and over again throughout all their scandals…

Like my 4-year-old son Stewie said;

“You get what you get and you can’t get upset!”

Sorry Quebec… Ontario lived the NDP nightmare before.  Have fun.

Or maybe Stewie’s line should have been, “I’m going to throw you in the garbage!!!”