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Canadian Election results. Urban Daddy’s thoughts


What a crazy week this has been, eh?

Obama, Osama, and now the Canadian Federal election.

Since I love Canadian politics, I’ve been all over this election and below is my assessment of what happened, what was important and eventful, and what was disappointing or shocking from May 2nd, 2011.

First and foremost, the Conservative majority was quite a surprise to me – a happy one – since all the polls were showing a Conservative majority and bringing up the possibility of a coalition between the NDP, Liberals and Bloc. Since the polls were also predicting a strong showing for Jack Layton, it caused me considerable grief. Let him try leader of the opposition first…

The discussions / sour grapes that came from the Liberal camp after the election surprised me. Their call to study whether or not to “Unite the left” reeks of desperation and makes me realize just how fall the Libs have fallen. They are very much out of touch with the youth vote… And people are tired of their scandals.

That Michael Ignatieff (Iggy) lost his Etobicoke-Lakeshore seat. Boy did that send a message to him to step down or what? That and the fact Bob Rae survived presents the Liberals with an interest choice now that Iggy has resigned!  But are we really ready for a Bob Rae led anything?  Nope.  Having him run the Liberals guarantees disaster for them.  Then again, this is the same party that thought Stephane Dion was a good idea.

Can Canadians finally say that their Canada includes Quebec now that the NDP wiped out the Bloc Québécois in Quebec reducing this sovereignty party to 4 seats and in doing so removing their status and an official political party. Ouch and yay at the same time.  Even Bloc leader Gilles Duiceppe lost his seat. Clearly, Quebecers are sending a message to the Bloc that after all these years they were not able to get it done and it was time for a change. Yes, there are a LOT of rookie NDP staffers elected now who don’t know the legislature from a laxative – or who were in Vegas instead of campaigning, but only time will tell…  Maybe from this bunch will come the next great thing.

Key names lost their seats; as previously mentioned, Gilles Duiceppe and Iggy lost their seats as did key old Liberals such as Ken Dryden in York Centre, Ruby Dhalla in Brampton-Springdale, Joe Volpe in Eglinton-Lawrence – a riding Volpe held since 1988 and has been Liberal since 1963, Alan Tonks and Martha Hall-Finley.  Out with the old and in with the new.  Sometimes change IS good.  Surely new, inexperienced MP’s can’t be that much worse than the same old MP’s who have grown accustomed to the way things work and the way to get away with stuff.

I was absolutely shocked that some 9500 people voted NDP in the riding of St. Paul’s in Toronto.  St. Paul’s, for those of you who don’t know, is Canada’s third richest riding, meaning of all the donations made to political parties, St. Paul’s made the 3rd highest.  Ottawa had the first, followed by a riding in Calgary.  Don’t these people know that the NDP hates people like them?  They are the ones who make a lot of money, can afford 2-tiered health care, have disposable income, take trips and employ nannies.  These are the exact same people who the NDP wants to tax higher and re-distribute that income to those unfortunate ones.  These residents in St. Paul’s also represent a group of the population in Canada who make a shit-load of donations and give back to the community in ways others cannot – spending money, creating jobs, donating, etc.  So why the vote for the NDP???  I chalk that up to typical uninformed Toronto voters.   

I kept hearing about the Jewish vote… What does that mean?  Does that mean Jewish voters voted for Conservatives because the Cons were the only Canadian political party to support Israels right to exist?  Or does that mean Jewish voters voted for Jewish candidates?   Either way, it’s a little overblown since typically the Jewish community in Toronto voted Liberal, and this new generation, my generation is voting Conservative.  Really it’s all over the map.  Tree-huggers unite!

More political thoughts;

Students on #CP24 held a mock election and the NDP won. The students voted 17 times for the NDP, 5 for the Liberals and 4 times for the Conservatives.  One girl was interviewed by the host and was asked what she thought about the fact that there was going to be a Conservative government.  Disappointed, she said had not voted Conservative because they are not doing enough for post-secondary education.  Hey kiddo, that’s a provincial responsibility.  Maybe you need to realize that Robin Hood politics do not run a country… Or you will once you get a job and start paying taxes.

Wondering if Olivia Chow and Jack Layton will move into the house of the official opposition in Ottawa – Stornaway, since it’s not subsidized housing.  I tweeted that to CP24 but they wouldn’t play it.

After all these years of trying to wipe out Canada, with Gilles Duiceppe resigning his seat, does that mean he collects a Canadian pension, or just a Quebec one?  He’ll give back the Canadian one, right?  Surely a leader hellbent on destroying Canada would hypocritically take a pension from this country he detests so much… Would he?

So all those things rolled through my head after an awesome election.

I’d like to thank the Liberals for bring this upon themselves, the NDP for wiping the Bloc off the political map and Elizabeth May for getting the Green Party’s first seat ever!  Many more.