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Taking a thorough look at the NDP Platform. What you get if you vote for Jack Layton…

I am a Conservative. Always have been always will be. I make no qualms about it, and I want to be clear up front.

However, I will ALWAYS look at both sides of the coin and consider all options. DISCLAIMER: I have voted in each and every election that I was allowed to vote in and I have voted for a candidate who was NOT Conservative because I was voting for a person who would serve my ward / constituency better than the Conservative candidate.

With that being said…

Jack Layton, the leader of the Federal NDP party is an interesting guy. He’s funny, he’s approachable, he seems personable and he has the best quips and comments. From the first leader’s debate when he said “Hashtag Fail” to his comment that “Stephen Harper thought an app was something you eat before dinner”.

He certainly has the charisma and charm to be a hip, cool leader of Canada. And his appeal, in light of Stephen Harper’s teflon-grey hair – blue eyed gaze that makes him look more like a robot is one reason the NDP are climbing up in the polls.

So I took some time to consider what Canada would be like in 4 years after having Jack Layton as PM – either by him winning straight out, or by the Conservatives winning a minority government and Layton forming a coalition with the Liberals and becoming PM that way…

… I haven’t slept since that thought popped in to my head.

It’s scary… Real scary.

Yes, I am partially basing this on living in Ontario where Bob Rae’s NDP government ran this province into the ground – increasing spending, disrespecting workers – unionized and non-unionized, and realizing that they were ill-prepared to run a government.

So to be fair to the NDP, and John Gilbert “Jack” Layton – the son of a Progressive Conservative cabinet minister – I took the time to hit up the Federal NDP website – to see what the NDP party stands for, as Layton might be a good leader, but looking past the man, if he’s elected, what will his party do to our country.

So what will the NDP do for Canada?

Right away their website claims; to “give your family a break”.

I’m liking this already, however have concerns that it is MY family that he is referring to… Time will tell.

So the NDP offer a summary;

“The New Democrat plan is focused on improving your health services, rewarding the job creators, strengthening your pension, and making your life a little more affordable.”

“These commitments are fully costed – right from the first year. We won’t wait to lift all seniors out of poverty. We won’t wait to start hiring more doctors and nurses. We will act starting now.”


Lifting seniors out of poverty seems like a daunting task. All seniors? My mother is a senior… She’s not in poverty because she works and she planned for her future. I hope the NDP are not planning on increasing my taxes in order to help all seniors who fall below the poverty line… That would surely suck.

Also hiring more doctors and nurses – that takes money, unless he means 1 of each. I wonder where that money is going to come from. I’m sure they will be clear on that. Ah, I read on. The NP will begin training more doctors and nurses and give incentives to those who have left Canada to lure them back… Oh, that’s a slippery slope. Incentives to me reads, more money, which is usally why they leave to go to the US.

There is lots of stuff here. Here are the highlights. Some really good, some not so good;

We [NDP] will work with the provinces to bring about increases to your Canada/Quebec Pension Plan benefit, with the eventual goal to double the benefits you receive

We will amend federal bankruptcy legislation to move pensioners and long-term disability recipients to the front
of the line of creditors when their employers enter court protection or declare bankruptcy

We will work with the provinces and territories to establish and fund a Canada-wide child care and early learning program, enshrined in law.

We will make post-secondary education more affordable by directly attacking skyrocketing tuition costs with a designated $800 million transfer to the provinces and territories to lower
tuition fees. $800 million to the provinces… Where is this money coming from?

We will increase the funding in the Canada Student Grants Program by $200 million a year, targeting accessibility for Aboriginal, disabled and low-income students, in particular – again $200 million out… Where will this money come from?

We will raise the education tax credit from $4,800 per year to $5,760 per year to help with increasing education costs.
So an increase in a tax credit means a decrease in revenue. Where will this money be replaced from?

We will enact the NDP’s legislation to ensure secure, adequate, accessible and affordable housing for Canadians.

We will provide significant new funding for affordable and social housing.

And we’re done… I can no longer find any reason to vote NDP. Spend, spend, spend, and all these policies, the affordable housing and the university tax credits are of no use to me.

I don’t want my taxes increased to help others. Sorry. I’ll contribute gladly in taxes to pay for roads, universities, infrastructure, hospitals, those truly in need, etc. but I will not accept a bigger tax burden to help others who may or may not have been able to get it themselves by working, saving and not wasting money.

Jack and Olivia may have lived in social housing in Toronto while pulling in $120,000 a year and they may have been cleared but I think that is wrong. I also think it’s wrong try to bring the lowest class of people up to the middle class in cases where they do not want to be there.

Alas, I promised to go through the entire platform… Wish me luck.

As a practical first step to eliminate child poverty, we will combine existing supports like the Child Tax Benefit to create a non-taxable Child Benefit and increase the support steadily by up to $700 per child over the next four years. This will be in addition to the current Universal Child Care Benefit.

More spending… How can you control what these people are spending that child tax benefit on?

We will introduce a home heating federal sales tax rebate to give your household budget a break;

We will ensure Canadians have access to credit cards with interest rates no higher than 5 per cent above prime;

We will work closely with the Obama administration in Washington to ensure a coordinated response to climate change – was this not what the NDP and Liberals were all over the Harper Conservatives for?

So all in all, I have picked out a little something from each platform position of the NDP and their actions are all the same… Rebates / Tax credits and spending. Considering that all their policies are geared towards low-income Canadians, I cannot see any reason why any working – productive Canadian would vote for this party. Maybe they should rename the party the Robin Hood party as they take from the rich to give to the poor.

And I’m still wondering if the whole rub and tub / massage issue is just a smear attempt by the Liberals or if it says more about what kind of a person Jack is – he fights for the people – yet hooks up the services of a 20 year old Asian girl to help get him off. It’s more than a non-issue here. We’re talking about the future leader of Canada (potentially) caught on a bed, naked, while the girl beside him had a handful of wet tissues.

If he’s claiming he thought this place was legit, then he shouldn’t be our leader because that would make him really stupid.

So just to summarize;

NDP – spend, tax, credits, want the rick to be poor and the poor to be rich

Jack Layton – Thinks it is okay to get a rub and tub from a new immigrant to the country who is forced to work in the sex trade and who is working for cash and not paying tax (maybe he WAS helping her out) and lived with his wife and mother-in-law in City of Toronto subsidized housing while making $120,000 per year – jointly.

There’s your leader folks…

Here is a link to the CBC Compass survey to see which party your views are most closely related to;

Give it a try.  IT told me I am Conservative then matched my views with theirs to see how we compare and how we differ.  Aside from abortion and “marriage” we’re pretty close.  On those issues, we are about as far apart as you can get.  Oh well.  If we matched, then I would be talking about my planet earth party… where we all are the same… you know.  Humans.