Thursday Thirteen

This weeks Thursday Thirteen is not my brilliance alone. It is also a result of a conversation over beer, wings, suckers and some playoff hockey.

So here are 13 suggested Thursday Thirteen topics which did not cut the mustard for today’s post.

(PS Let me know if there is a topic you think might fit, or if you want to guest post one). Thanks.

13. Thirteen Things to do before you marry a Jewish girl
12. The 13 worst superheroes – nominees include; Captain Caveman, Captain Canada, Mighty Mouse (although I disagree about that one)
11. The 13 worst sports names; Including Homer Bush, Lance Pitlick, etc.
10. The 13 best months for sex… Errr, yeah.
9. The 13 best porn sites (you got me there, guys…)
8. The 13 stupidest search terms that Google comes up with when it offers suggestions to finish off your search. Suggestion was to type, “I hate the smell of…” and see what Google comes up with.
7. The dumbest search terms people use to get to my blog
6. The 13 best players who wore #13 in sports
5. Thirteen things my father told me that came true, ie/ You suck at accounting.  Give it up.
4. Thirteen things I have learned about being 40 years-old.
3. Thirteen things that make me feel old; like hair in the wrong places, a belly, not like today’s music, not understanding today’s fashions, knowing what a VCR is, and a record…
2. Thirteen ways my kids dis me each and every day at the ages of 6,4 and 17 months

and the number one suggested Thursday Thirteen topic was…
1. Thirteen things I would do if I had hair on my head, and not just growing out of my ears, nose and beard.

So what are your suggestions?

Honourable mention goes to;

13 Reasons to vote Conservative

13 Reasons to fear a NDP led Canada

13 Things you can do while sitting on the toilet

13 Best hidden swear words in songs (Alanis Morisette – Are you thinking of me whern you “fuck” her).

13 Animals the Wonder Pets have saved (like the Beatles who were stuck in a yellow submarine)


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