More random crap falling from my head…

I just saw a CBC news news report on the National where they searched for Liberal leader “Michael  Ignatief” online to see what shows up for an address or phone number, yet alas, nothing came up.


Monday April 18th makes the beginning of Sun TV’s “right wing” news station.  I can’t wait!  It will be nice to hear the news without having to wade through the bias.

I just realized that Prince William has pretty much the exact same hairline as I do.  The similarities end right there.

Michael Ignatieff’s last name has 2 “f’s” in it… Damn.  Now I’m totally NOT voting for him.  LOL.  Like I’d ever vote Liberal…

I lied to my wife today… I told her the Canadian band Chilliwack was actually from Chilliwack, BC.  They sang a couple songs every Canadian will know, “My Girl (Gone Gone Gone, she been gone so long)” and “What’cha Gonna Do When I’m Gone”.

Well, they are actually from Vancouver, BC.  So close to Chilliwack, but not Chilliwack.  Damn.  Maybe I could just change Wikipedia…

Does it matter to you that Michael Ignatieff has only been back in Canada for 5 years?  Does his experience in the US make him more or less likely to succeed if elected Prime Minister of Canada?  Personally I don’t care either way but when he criticizes Stephen Harper for being American is he not casting the baby out with the bath water…

I also see that Subway sandwiches is reducing the salt in some of their sandwiches to which I say great… but why now?  This move strikes me as being done as a result of low sandwich sales and not as a result of some sudden care for the health of their customers…


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