Longest 15 minute run of my life.

I’m back and I feel like a giant sack of crap and that is better than I thought I would feel after my first real attempt at running in over a year.

I was really hoping to be able to get out tonight at run to at least the corner (LOL) without my lungs feeling like they were coming up through my throat and I far exceeded those expectations making it 7 blocks before feeling fatigued – all up hill, I may add – and then I trudged along at a slower speed back 6 1/2 blocks before giving it up and walking for a couple blocks to “unwind”.

So all that took me probably close to 11 or 12 minutes and I tend to run quite fast but this attempt tells me some very important things;

1) I’m 40 and still the sack of shit I was at 39, but older.

2) I need to lose weight!

3) My foot felt zero pain from the callous incident which required some skillful cutting from my doctor, following by some freezing and application of acid which fucking kills once the freezing wears off and the swelling starts (which she forgot to mention!)  After that the skin turns colours nad begins to fall off, but presto, no sore spot on the ball of my foot which caused me pain for 6 months.

4) I still may need to do physio on my left achilles as it may have been tight after.  If that is the case then I’m looking into the numbness in the toes on my left foot after prolonged exercise which I’m pretty sure can be tied into the herniated disk in my back from 4 years ago.

5) I need a cool running pouch to hold my keys, iPod shuffle and probably some ID incase somethng happens – I’m 40 you know.

6) I might want to get back into running a little earlier than 11:45pm as I’m exhausted to begin with… Now off to shower, then back to work.

7) This website is cool! http://www.daftlogic.com/projects-google-maps-distance-calculator.htm  Mapped out my route and told me that I covered 1.126KM in the 11 or so minutes. 

Here’s to hoping I can move tomorrow and that my PC finds the performance appraisals I completed so I won’t have to do them all over again tonight or in the morning!


2 thoughts on “Longest 15 minute run of my life.

  1. Becky April 12, 2011 / 8:07 pm

    So with you. Have you tried pod-runner intervals? They got me back running after what my darling husband called “falling off the running wagon head first into a venti mocha caramel machattio with extra whipped cream and some donuts.” Geesch, you gain a little weight… Anyway, here is the link.



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