Come follow my 4-year-old son on Twitter

Come follow my 4-year-old boy on Twitter @littleboypurple

He only has 7 tweets (he talks, we type) but he comes in to our room in the morning (2:30am this morning) and he’s usually ready to provide a message to the world.

It’s too hard for me to remember all the clever / crazy / funny / inquisitive stuff that comes out of his mouth so my wife opened the account for him.

Our 6-year-old wanted to know why he doesn’t have a Twitter account – and when prompted for something to say to the world, he responded with “Fou Fou Banana”… Nuff said.

So please sign in and follow the little (not so little) guy.

And if you have a twitter account or know some good ones, post them here and I’ll make sure to follow you from my account @urbandaddyblog


… and also check out my wife, @naomicatgirl

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