Passover is coming… How do you make it kid-friendly?

Passover, the 8 day long celebration of the Jewish Exodus from Egypt, has always been right up there as one of my favorite holidays.

Jewish families and friends celebrate Passover with 2 seders, or ritual meals – on the first 2 nights of the holiday – during which the story of Moses and the Exodus from slavery at the hands of the Pharoah in Egypt is retold through words and symbolic foods.

Even though the core of the Passover seder is the passing on of the Exodus story to the children, it can be a challenge to balance the numerous rituals that make up the meal with the needs of kids, who get squirmy faster than you can say “Let my people go.”

To make the seder night more kid-friendly and interactive for my own children, we are looking for ways to retool a few of the old traditions and added a few new ones.

Any thoughts or suggestions?

I grew up listening to my Grandfather (Zaida) zip through the hagadah (prayer book) and my involvement was limited to having to recite the 4 questions (as the youngest) and the spilling of the wine (representing blood and plagues). Other than that, we sometimes hid the matzoh (afikoman).  I distinctly remember no wanting to spill the wine on the napkin because I thought it was a waste. 

My personal favourite is the boiled eggs mushed up with the salt water. YUM. Also matzoh butter and jam and matzoh brie’s (essentially broken up matzoh with water and egg all mized up and fried in a pan, covered by jam).

What are your memories of Passover?


One thought on “Passover is coming… How do you make it kid-friendly?

  1. Becky April 12, 2011 / 8:12 pm

    When our kids were little we used to reenact the plagues… stickers for boils, ping pong balls for hail, plastic insects. You get the idea. Still do a modified version now – they are in high school and college.


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