Thursday Thirteen

This weeks Thursday Thirteen comes to us from mid-town Toronto.

13 things I have said / comments I have made in large groups of people where only one person caught on to the reference. See how you do.

13. I told the group the only reason I don’t wear jeans on casual Friday is because I cannot fit into my Bootlegger Jeans.

12. In asking someone to go to the post office, I said, “please go, now…Go Go Gadget.”

11. I miss Beaver Canoe

10. Anyone know what a beaver tail is? and if so, how is it different from a funnel cake?

9. Taco… The band, not the food.

8. Who is on your Underoos?

7. Back in the day when Mel Gibson wasn’t crazy…

6. You know… Back in the day when Michael Jackson was black.

5. Can you smell that??? That IS what Teen Spirit smells like!

4. Who were the 4 members of the Beatles… You know, the band!?!

3. Sports is the ultimate non-scripted “reality-show”.

2. By “Simpsons” I mean “Simpson-Sears”, not “Bart and Homer”…

1. When ordering Bubble Tea, I mentioned that my favourite flavour was Bananarama.

What is your favourite saying / expression from days gone by?  What phrase have you used recently that needed explaining?


One thought on “Thursday Thirteen

  1. Julia April 8, 2011 / 8:02 am

    Wow, you make me feel old. None of those need an explanation. LOL


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