Why dirty politics never works

I’m not going to surprise many people when I say that my political leanings are to the right – always have been.  My dad was PC and he always yelled at the TV in a right-leaning manner, how could I not pick it up.  However, it wasn’t until one day in my first year at University in my PolySci 101 class that someone asked me about my ideologies.  I had no idea what he meant.

No being afraid to admit when I have no clue, this guy and I went for coffee and talk about what really makes one a Liberal, a Socialist or a Conservative.  It was after that lunch that I realized I too was a Conservative, but a social one.  It was nice to finally have a place.

But what I really liked was politics as a whole.  I liked the campaigning, the strategy and the ability to garner votes from the public for taking a stand.  I continued in political science and math at University until switching over to Public Policy and Administration – which was the degree I graduated with.

I remember many a class speaking about election reform – how to win and lose elections and trying to defend my views in the institution of higher leaning which leaned very far to the left and probably still does.

So why the preamble?

Because I want to talk about diry politics.  I hate it.

I don’t want to turn on my TV and see each and every commercial an attack on the opposition.  It generates sympathy for them.  I mean it was the Conservatives who poked fun and then Prime Minister of Canada Jean Chretien’s bells palse which resulted in one side of his face being paralyzed.  I know all about that disaese as I had it in grade 5.  Point is, by poking fun at him, it helped him resonate with the general public and he played right into in.

So why then does every Tory ad have an attack on Michael Ignatief?  To be honest. I think by featuring him in the ads – he’s not a bad looking guy – they are in fact helping to build up his image to the undecided voters. 

Instead, the Conservatives need to just use the Liberal record Federally against them;


Red book

Ad Scam

National healthcare

and more recently the fact that Iggy and his big red machine (no dispespect Kane) have been all over Harper and the Conservatives for checking the facebook pages of those pre=registering for events.  Iggy said Harper should instead spend more time keeping an eye on his own staff.  Iggy kept this one alive for quite a few days, however, that was until today when someone running for a Liberal seat in Quebec was exposed as being a giant racist.  Now Iggy, to his credit, has said there is no room in the Liberal party for a racist and after the investigation – if true – will be turfed. 

This I commend.

But what this does tell me is that the leaders need to stop picking on each other and battle over the isses.  I mean, Iggy.  We’re not stupid.  The Conservative platform is not all about fighter jets an corporate tax cuts.  Just as your campaign cannot totally be about the “Family Plan”.  As a fan of politics and someone who saw your party wave about the red book and claim to kill the GST once elected, I see your plan, I read your plan but I don’t believe you can implement it.

And as for taxes, your strategist claimed that you would “for sure” be raising taxes.  You’ll also raise the Corporate Tax rate.  Have to make sure you get the people and the Corporations, eh?

So while I wait for a town hall in my area, I watch the TV and hope to see an ad that will put PM Harper in a positive light – mention the fact that Canada is the leading G7 country  coming out of the recession and who gets that praise?!?  Hello…

So please kids… Stop fighting and represent yourself properly!!!

While still talking politics, I had to reach out to the campaign crew of Karen Mock who is running for the Liberals in a riding just north of Toronto. It would appear that they are comfortable placing Karen’s signs on all the public land up and down Bathurst Street and around Highway 7.

I sent them a message asking them to take them down because 1) they look desperate (not enough door-to-door support that you need to place signs by the roads) and 2) public land is not where they should be littering with their signage. Put the signs on the lawns of your supporters, not on public space where everyone can see them. This decision was done in poor taste.


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