A bloody weekend: Hoobastank Karate.

The word of the day today (and for the past few days, actually) is Hoobastank.

What is a Hoobastank, you may ask?

It’s an American band, with songs like; “Crawling in the Dark”, “Remember Me”, “Pieces” and “The Reason”.

I must have heard one of their songs on XM48 Octane.

So why a post about the band?  Well, it’s not about the band it’s about the name and how catchy it is.  All week everything has been a Hoobastank.  I hope I won’t need to pay the royalties…

An open note to the giant douche bag who my wife sat beside at our son’s karate belt grading ceremony on Monday – and yes he passed and is now an orange belt!:


I know you were having a bad day. Why else would you flip out at a woman for sitting on a bench beside you in your “wife’s seat” when there was no one beside you, your child was grading on the other side of the room (oops) and you were sitting with your legs crossed and arms stretched taking up space for three people your self.

When my wife offered to move when your wife returned – but she never came back probably to embarrassed to be associated with you – because she wanted to take pictures of our son, you could have back off, but nope, you kept yapping at her trying to make a scene.

Even when she asked you to leave her alone – you kept going, that was until you realized that I was now standing behind you and suddenly it was no longer fun (or safe) to be verbally abusing her.

So off you stormed, only to return to gather all your families belongings and be rude to me by telling me my wife was – ready for this – “rude” for sitting down on an empty part of the bench without out first checking with you to see if it was occupied.

Wisely, you chose to walk away when I glared and you and asked you if you were okay.

I can guarantee you must be living a miserable life and you are a very unhappy person who chooses to berate someone for sitting down beside you. Now I know why your “wife” was not there.

Fortunately, I will always remember your talk lanky frame, very silver-gray hair and pock-marked face because of the extremely sour expression on it. I suspect when you finally realized your kid was on the other side grading you took your fowl stench over there and lectured others on proper seating etiquette because that’s what you do.

As I mentioned to my wife after… There is a reason I do not fight. Obviously, I don’t need to get hurt, but more seriously, I have serious anger issues and I fear that if agitated enough could cause serious harm to another individual. My family and trainer have called me “freakishly strong” so picking up this scumbag and slamming him through the drywall would not have been that difficult, but it would have shut him the fuck up. 🙂

I hope we meet again.

Weather in Toronto has been, well, interesting to say the least, the past couple days.

Saturday was warm and sunny, Sunday started out warm, however by night-time it had snowed, Monday was 18 degrees celsius and Tuesday was cold and windy… It’s all rather odd for spring, even in Canada.

But all that odd weather didn’t stop me and the boys from getting out and enjoying the fresh air.

We raked the front lawn, and Linus hopped on his bike (with training wheels) and Stewie on his scooter and he headed over to the park, where we play, climbed, yelled and swung.

On the way there, Linus’ foot slipped off his bike pedal and it clipped the back of his heel. Following that up, Stewie fell off his scooter, and was dragged on his knees for a bit. Then Stewie fell off again, this time scraping his hands. On the swings, Linus fell off the swing backwards onto the mulch and in doing so, I sliced a chunk out of my finger trying to catch him. Once back on the swing, he slipped through the front this time and plastic swing flew backwards, hit me square in the mouth and cut open the inside of my bottom lip.

So home we all came, big smiles on our faces, tired from all the physical activity and fresh air and bloody… It was awesome!


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