If you are reading this post, you are a diehard fan…

… and for that I start with a thank you.

So this post was put together very last-minute – as soon as I realized I was sitting on 666 posts.  Not that I’m superstitious, but I thought 667 might be a better number.

Also, my stats page tells me the top searches today which bring people to this blog and the top 3 or 4 today – aside from urban daddy and urban daddy blog Toronto – and they were real doozies.  Here they are;

  • why is there an election in toronto
  • daddy boner
  • if i sponsor a live in caregiver in canada and she becomes sick, am i obligated to care for her
  • do grils like it when thair boy frind can prouds sperm

So let me address this in case they decide to search the net for answers to these questions.  I feel I owe it to them to provide an answer.

1) Why is there an election in Toronto?  Well there isn’t dumbass.  It’s a federal election… For the whole country.  did you grow up under a rock?  You need to go to your local election polling station and vote for your Conservative member so this country can continue to prosper. 

And in case you’re finding this post at the time of a Provincial election, you need to think about Tim Hudek because Dalton “I’ve never met a tax I didn’t like” McGuinty was the leader during the eHealth scandal – George!  Where is your donors list???

2) Daddy boner???  Really?  You sick fuck!

3) I’m not going to copy your question, but, if you bring over a live-in caregiver – who happens to be a human being like you are – and they get sick would you not want to take care of them?  I mean to come to this beautiful country they have to pass a physical, and they do get a health card, so they’ll get a cold / flu here and there.  I think if you are concerned about taking care of someone else who you would consider hiring to take care of you, or your kids, then you should think twice.

4) You had to google do girlfriends like if their boyfriends produce sperm?!?  What on earth did we do before google?  I’m going to say the answer to that is no, unless they want kids.  There.  Freak!

So thank you again for coming by.  It’s currently 1am and 2 out of 3 children have been awake.  It’s going to be another wonderful night!  I can tell.

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