Anyone else upset about this? Or should I ask, is anyone really upset about this?

KFC  – formerly know as Kentucky Fried Chicken until the word “fried” was associated with unhealthy resulting in the restaurant chain using the acronym to hide that fact the public – has had a long history in Canada, with the first store opening in Calgary in 1953.

KFC, along with Taco Bell and Pizza Hut – covering about 1000 restaurants in Canada has filed for bankruptcy protection today. 

Does that mean people are not eating out at these places any more?  Are consumers going more healthy (in Canada at least) and forgoing the fried chicken, the greasy (but so yummy) Pizza Hut brand and the (real?!?) taco meat in a Taco Bell taco?

Yeah, I think that might be a fair assessment.

I guess the franchisee decided against spending money cleaning up old, decrepid restaurants when less and less people are buying the food.  Consumers want healthy, they want whole wheat crust, light cheese, less meat (or real meat) and reasonable portions.  In return, KFC served up the double-down, Pizza Hut a meat lovers pizza where the crust is covered completely in a layer of ham, and then it goes from there and Taco Bell has some foot long fried taco thingy in which there are commercials mocking the size of one serving and questioning whether it is for one person, or a group of people…  Not very smart.

So I ask you.

When was the last time you ate at any of these places?

Will you miss them when they are gone?

For me???  Never ever eaten at Taco Bell, have Pizza Hut once every couple of years and KFC once a year, but the big crunch sandwich or the grilled (not fried) chicken breast – although the last one I had was still partially frozen.


One thought on “Anyone else upset about this? Or should I ask, is anyone really upset about this?

  1. Beth Mclellan April 1, 2011 / 11:08 pm

    Hi Warren,
    Well ,yes I would have to say I am disappointed. Taco BELL never really liked their mystery meat tacos. Only went there once or twice. Pizza Hut I found more expensive and we usually order from local small pizza guy.We try to support our local markets. Now KFC I will miss. My sweet Husband loves to suprise me with his amazing homemade pasta sauce. Failing that his backup plan is usually KFC. I will not miss the msg that was in the chicken though. Sorry to hear they are going under but I am suprised. KFC always seemed busy.
    Hey Warren Ian just called and we were discussing this
    He said are you sure it is not just the American arm of operations? Cheers from the Mclellan’s. Keep on blogging. We love your blogs!


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