Thursday Thirteen – 90’s edition!

 As a result of a successful thursday thirteen last week on inventions of the 80’s we jump forward a decade to the 90’s for a look at the 13 best things to come out of that decade.

So put on your grunge clothing and sit tight.

1. 1990 – The World Wide Web and Internet protocol (HTTP) and WWW language (HTML) created by Tim Berners-Lee.
2. 1992 – First text message sent, “Merry Christmas”.
3. 1993 – The Pentium processor invented.
4. 1995  – The Java computer language invented.
5. 1995  – DVD’s invented… Finally sold shares in VHS and Beta.
6. 1998 – Viagra invented.  No stiff competition there, eh?
7. 1996 – Scientists in Scotland cloned a sheep – called her Dolly.  Still waiting for dinosaurs.
8. 1999 – Napster invented and radically changed the file-sharing industry forever.
9. 1996 – USB’s introduced
10. 1997 – Wifi standard released. Now, it’s everywhere.
11. 1996 – Tamagotchi’s
12. 1990’s grunge music – Pearl Jam, lice in Chains, Nirvana, STP, Soundgarden
13. Stone Temple Pilots – 1992 “Core”. 1994 “Purple”. 1996, “Tiny music….Songs From The Vatican Giftshop”. 1999 “No. 4”

Other things the 90’s are “famous” for;

Backstreet Boys
Baseball caps being worn everywhere
Beanie Babies
Harry Potter

What about the 90’s means the most to you?


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