How to keep in touch with this urban daddy’s blog

I recommend subscribing to this blog.


That way you get an email or notification whenever something changes around here.  When a new blog post hits, an older post is re-posted or edited, or when a comment prompts me to post a disclaimer at the bottom of the post, maybe with some comments.

To be honest, since I do most of my posting for the week late at night, subscribing allows you to see my posts once I’ve had a chance to run the spell checker and check the grammar.

As well, if you have not already done this, you should go to Facebook and type in urbandaddy, find the trademark yucky stuffed offwhite kitty (that’s Linus’ “friend” Zoey) and “like” this blog. I foresee in the future posting there only, and not on my regular facebook page.

Right now people who “like” urban daddy and are friends with me get the posts twice.

You can also follow me on twitter @urbandaddyblog

So many choices!!!


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