Thursday Thirteen: 13 most exhausting things for me today

I had a really exhausting day today, so as a result, I have decided to post my Thursday thirteen about the 13 most tiring things that happened to me today.
Starting… now!

13.  The line-up at Tim Horton’s drive through this morning was insane.  There were over 20 cars in line and although I normally jump into the store instead of lining up, it was pouring rain and I was listening to the FAN590 piece on Zdeno Chara trying to kill Max Pacioretty.  Cars were backing up and turning around to leave, which I contemplated until I was able to see the hold up.  Some pick-up tuck was ordering enough coffee for the boys. I saw 2 boxes of coffees and food being passed to the truck. Why the servers didn’t ask the truck to sit aside so they could put together the order and still serve others, I do not know.

12. Today was the last day of one of my employees, who had been with my company for 10 years.  I totally get her desire for change as I left my job after 10 years there. I got up one Thursday, booked off the rest of the afternoon, headed home, booked off the Friday, was on vacation the following week and never went back. 

11.  While standing in line holding a half-slab cake (a very heavy half-slab cake) at the self check out, the woman in front of me was paying for her $13.00 of groceries in dimes.  She would put in 3 or 4 dimes, check the balance on the machine, then reach back into her giant bag of time wasting to pull out 3 or 4 more. What frosted my ass, was that she would periodically stop her complete disregard for the rest of the shoppers in line and pull the rejected coins out of the return tray to feed them back in to the top… over and over again… the same friggin coins… over and over again… After what seemed like 15 minutes, I was on the verge of a breakdown when a different cash came open and I was sent there by a store employee who thought I was going to lose it.

10.  I’m tired, therefore I had no patience today for complainers or people who take food that does not belong to them.

9.  Standing in line at Tim Horton’s for an afternoon coffee behind a guy who was standing practically on top of me. I could feel his breath on the back of my neck. Gross.

8.  When I arrived at home in the evening, I realized we were out of milk and went to get some, in the rain, stepping in the biggest puddle in all of Toronto that resembled a lake, soaking my pants, socks and shoes. I almost caught a fish in there too…

7.  Speaking of headaches – The US government is taking over three Tylenol plants following a blizzard of drug recalls and a Food and Drug Administration criminal investigation into safety issues at the factories… I could use some tylenol.

6.  I REALLY need to drink until I cannot remember my name. Problem is I don’t drink and I have household and office responsibilities which will keep me up until 2am at the earliest.

5.  For YEARS, I wanted to go into politics, but never had the balls to actually run. I enjoyed being behind the scenes. Yesterday, a long-time friend of mine, Michael Yen, who ran municipally in the last Toronto election will soon be running Provincially for the Conservatives, reached out to me to see if I was interested in running in my ward, ward 21. Apparently there was an event the night before and there were a lot of powerful Tories in the house, and Mike suggested he may know someone keenly interested. If it were 3 years ago, I’d be all over this, but I love my job right now and wouldn’t make that change.

4.  I finished the latest Dan Brown book called The Lost Symbol and I have to tell you the book was great for the first 50 pages, awesome for the next 250 pages, incredible for the following 150 pages then the ending fell flat on it’s face as if Brown had a deadline and gave up. I’m very disappointed!

3.  I don’t like being fat, especially as I’m trying to heal up my sore foot – which is keeping me from exercising – but my day was filled with temptation; donuts, cake, coffee, chocolates… Damn you temptation. Obviously I gave in… often.

2.  Anyone want to know how to look like Harry Potter? Bend down in your kitchen to pick up the cats water bowl while your wife opens the cupboard above you and leaves the door open so when you stand up you destroy your forehead on the bottom corner of the door. That, my friends, is how you get to look like Harry Potter.

1.  Have I mentioned it’s still tax season and since December 1st it’s been 24/7. I’m beyond tired… I cannot see straight and I’m relying on tons of coffee to get through the day. With all that being said, I love doing what I’m doing but I needed a break so much, I ate a Kit Kat.

So that is why this day was capital “F” frustrating.

Here is hoping Friday is better!


4 thoughts on “Thursday Thirteen: 13 most exhausting things for me today

  1. Urban Daddy March 13, 2011 / 11:59 pm

    Beth – Hey, I’m fat, and if someone feels that is the best attack to put in my face, so be it. I think as a city we’re just sick and tired of the left and centre controlling everything. Look where that has gotten us. I’m hoping a community member will step up and be embraced by the community much in the way Karen Stintz was in my own riding. She is an amazing person, but everyone wanted to help her defeat Anne Johnson. So even if you decided to help out in the background, your experience and smarts will help the next candidate hopefully rid Toronto of the (too) many Liberals in it.

    Enas – Thank you for taking time to comment. I went to your blog too. Looks good.


  2. enas satir March 13, 2011 / 1:32 pm

    i just “stumbled upon” ur blog!
    LOVE it!


  3. Beth Mclellan March 12, 2011 / 10:18 am

    Hi warren,
    I do hope your Friday went much better! Hitting your head on an open cupboard door is something I have done and man it feels like the door has penetrated your brain.
    After you tweeted out the P.C.’S asking you to run and you asked me If I was interested I have been abused to no end.So my day was pretty bad as well.
    I must resemble Rob Ford because I am being referred to as FAT(EXPLETIVE)and many other choice names.
    It is hurtful but I have developed a very tough hide and I simply ignore them.After having said that I do have a serious ,serious concern and not to be taken
    I have noticed,now this is just my gut feelings, and they are generally pretty good, that there is a fervor in the air.
    The hatred that is being spewed against Mayor Ford and anyone who supports his views is becoming dangerous.
    I took Mihevic to task on fear mongering that the Mayor was some how going to turn all these poor folk out on the street.In fact the left made a fool of themselves in the eyes of anyone who understood what was happening. Accountability was the issue and they basically turned (some) tenants against their own
    best interests and victimized them twice.
    I am going to purchase a membership with the Conservative Party.I will work tirelessly behind the scenes. I am really not sure if I want to put myself out there. I still have a sixteen year old son at home and Husband who loves me dearly. He is very supportive and one of the most intelligent people I know.He has all the confidence in my ability and my passion to suceed , but he fears for my safety.
    After Cathy Gifford is it any wonder fewer woman are willing to make themselves vulnerable .I am a relative
    unknown. I feel we need someone of a hire profile since this is such a strong Liberal riding.
    Hoskins can be beaten, He has plenty of chinks in his armour. At any rate I do have to get busy. Get a job, get a life,I am too ambitious for retirement.
    So be well, and have a geat weekend with your family .Beth


  4. Rachel March 11, 2011 / 11:58 pm

    Re: #8 – too bad you didn’t get the fish. At least that would’ve solved the supper problem. 😀 lol


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