The eating habits of a 4-year-old

Tonight as I gave my son a before bed snack, I was planning on preparing his usual snack – a bowl of plain yogurt with berries (fresh or frozen) and “seeds” which are usually some flax seeds and sunflower seeds.  Lately this has been topped by granola.  But tonight he asked for an apple.  A green apple, no less.  It was at that point that in donned on me that he has been eating an apple before bed for the better part of 2 weeks.  Prior to that it was yogurt and seeds for about a year.  Prior to that it was all about the banana – he could not get enough.  One or two bananas per evening for him.

Prior to that, was the grape phase where all he would eat were grapes.

Before that was the cheese sticks phase.  Instead of giving him expensive cheese strings, I would take a block of cheese and cut strips, or sticks, for him.  He would go through so much cheese in a week.

I’m sure there were more… I just can’t go that far back.

He’s like my wife… VERY much like her.

When she was pregnant with him she ate a lot of chocolate Lucky Charms cereal… A LOT.  Once she gave birth, that was it.  She has never eaten a bowl of any kind of cereal since.  She also went through a sour pickle phase.

Now she’s all about the almond butter spread on toast with a glass of milk.

And speaking about pickles… Stewie ate pickles, fresh strawberries and strawberry applesauce tonight, for snack, before bed.  Ugh.

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