Taken to school by a 4-year-old

Being a Dad is great. I get to raise mini-me’s (or more like mini copies of my wife) and I get to educate and teach 3 children to be self-sufficient, respectful, educated contributors to society…

Well that was until this past weekend.

Now I realized the kids are teaching me a thing or two.


Case 1)

4-year-old Stewie brings my wife’s iPad into our room from his brother’s bedroom where the 2 of them have been playing Angry Birds.  The boys want to show us that they have found plush toys in the Angry Birds characters and they want us to buy them.

“Let me see them”, I ask.

My 4-year-old then reached over to the screen and with his hands he centres the picture and makes it bigger with the moving of fingers.

He did it as if he had done it a thousand times before.

I didn’t know you could do that…

Case 2)

4-year-old Stewie is leaning about dinosaurs in public school and proceeds to tell me a story about palaeontologists and how dinosaurs died when volcanos exploded and the sun went away and earth froze and now palaeontologists come and uncover the bones very carefully…

WOW, I’m thinking.

So then his 6-year-old brother arrives and asks what we are talking about. Being in private school their curriculum not cover dinosaurs so this is all new to him.

I asked Stewie to tell Linus about palaeontologists and Stewie starts to, but is waved off by Linus who then proceeds to grab a book on dinosaurs that was sitting in Stewie’s school basket, then Linus opened the book, looked in the index for palaeontologist – which was on page 26 – so he flipped to that page and started to read it for himself.

Humph.  Using an index at 6…

Case 3)

Stewie’s first word was “iPod”.

Linus’ was iPhone.

Berry sees the iPad and spins around to peek at the screen and see what is there.

All good with social media, just like Mom… Oh, and Daddy.  That’s how I remember the dates of my kids.  #1 was the iPod kid, #2 the iPhone and #3 the iPad.

Case 4)

Linus asked me last month, “Daddy, why do they call you the urban daddy?”

I replied, “because I am, son.”


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