Hey Dalton McGuinty! I’m calling for a G20 inquiry too!

Well, isn’t this typical Toronto behaviour… Yet another “free speech” group steps forward asking Ontario premier Dalton McGuinty for another inquiry into the “squashing of free speech” during the G20 summit in Toronto this summer.

Hell yeah. A 5th enquiry. Yeah.

Errr. NO.


Fuck no.

I am sick and tired of this bullshit that had come from the G20. I’m tired of the media and these self-rightous interest groups picking on the police.  I’m tired of seeing pictures in the newspaper, on the Internet and on TV of these looters and rioters showing me pictures of their bruises and cuts under the guise of police brutality, and I’m certainly tired of the domination of left-wing media views on the G20. 

How is it possible that every person on TV, or shown in the media were innocent individuals, doing nothing, staying out of the way??  What?  I’m stupid and going to belive that the police just happened to see innocent people standing on the sidewalks and came over to beat them?  Come on guys.  Really. 

Well, to that request for a 5th inquiry, Dalton told them to go to hell and for that I respect him.

So now I want Dalton to stand up for the other side in this equation. In fairness, 5 enquiries investigating the police and none looking at the public who caused all this chaos. No inquiries into the groups that threatened violence and that required a LOT of money being spent on security in order to protect the G20 leaders. No investigation into who these Black Block hooligans were, what they do for a living and charging them for the violence they committed damaging properties in the streets of Toronto that we (and probably not them) call home.

No investigation into the University of Toronto who not only housed the “protestors” but also hid them when the police came.

What about an investigation into the crowds of people who lit police cars on fire and who threw things at the police and the police horses. Where is the public enquiry into this?

It’s so easy to have a cause that is against something, but notice that no one is stepping forward to protect the interests of the business owners and the taxpayers.

Well the buck stops here.  I’m sending an email to Dalton, and one to Conservative leader Tim Hudek.  I want an inquiry!

No more photos of protestors. No more stories of harassment. No more “innocent”, sad, hurt people in the papers.

I said to a left-wing friend of mine, very calmly, that seeing what I did on TV, I made the choice to stay home and not risk being arrested or mistaken for someone who the police might want to arrest during this very tense time. If I want to have my voice heard to “big business” or “government” I call them or write an email. I don’t take to the streets and damage others property because last time I checked that was against the law.

I’m sorry folks. We still have our voices – more than in most places in the world, and to think we need to take to the streets in this manner was a poor choice.   What kind of a person took to the streets to “protest”?

This kind of person;


A 41-year-old man from Windsor, the first person charged for burning a police car.  A 41 year old man who lives with his parents and has… 17 prior convictions.  Yeah, he came to protest.  I’m sure he was just there to voice his concerns about the welfare of citizens in some countries where if you protest you run the risk of being shot.  I’m sure he really cares about all that, or more likely, he came downtown hoping to get in trouble, to break into a store, get in a fight and, hey, burn a police car.

Enough already!


4 thoughts on “Hey Dalton McGuinty! I’m calling for a G20 inquiry too!

  1. Nerbus July 13, 2011 / 9:31 am

    But UD -you are a fool if after an entire year you make such foolish comments without acknowledging the facts revealed to date.

    1) The police (both RCMP and TPS) admit to direct wrong-doing, misrepresenting evidence, preventing/blocking incriminating investigations despite immediate, overwhelming and irrefutable evidence that clearly demonstrate Charter violations via internal emails and publicly through public media. Only two charges have been laid thus far and more criminals are presently being protected behind the blue wall of “good cops”. Gosh, those two bad ones were awfully busy arresting 1118 innocent people all over the city and violating Charter Codes with illegal searches. Santa Claus could learn a thing or two about time management from those guys!

    2) These inquiries are wasteful (in attaining accountability and legal remedy for serious violations), but are laying the groundwork for a Full Judicial Inquiry. You’ll have vindication… or complete truth to comment on once genuine disclosure is forced upon all involved… and proper charges laid. BTW… there were less than 200 Black Bloc in attendance and they were surrounded by several hundred riot officer observing them before abandoning their sworn duties… thus allowing more damage to the city.

    3) The Blac Bloc had been infiltrated and activities monitored for nearly an entire year before this event. The police admit they were not only prepared, but did not act or arrest known individuals responsible when banks were lit on fire prior to the G20… or after.

    4) Under the Charter of Rights and Freedoms, Canadians have the right to what exists in Sections 2 and 9. It is the oath of office for every officer to protect those rights or face criminal charges. It meshes with the Criminal and Police Codes of our country.

    Not trying to “slam your perspective” UD as I appreciate your blogs. Just don’t want you to taint your wit with the obvious information available to everyone else.



  2. Urban Daddy March 7, 2011 / 9:34 pm

    Oh looky, I got a comment… and it’s from someone telling me that I look like a fool for caring about the city I live in and pay taxes in, and in being “misinformed and misguided” I have managed to offend an… anonymous person. Shades of G20, “JC”. Put on the backlava and damage the city. I watched it live on TV and I saw all the damage and chaos with my own eyes. I’ve added you comment with the URL in case anyone wants to see what you’ve got to say, but seriously, unless you have footage of police pulling off fingernails and beating breast-feeding babies, I have no sympathy. You get what you deserve.


  3. JC March 7, 2011 / 8:08 pm

    It’s sad to see a supposed educated person have a complete lack of employing their education in their writing. You’re definitely entitled to your opinion – but the opinion you’ve expressed above is so misguided and misinformed the only result is you looking like a fool.



  4. Rachel March 2, 2011 / 2:04 am

    Agreed. What I’d like to see is that guy have to pay the police back the $40k it costs for the cruiser. Why should TORONTO taxpayers have to pay to replace it?


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